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Orenburzhets has dug undermining in a cellar to the neigbour

For stolen on zakus solenja to new Monte - Cristo threatens till 5 years tjurmykogda to Vladimir* looked on namytye before zakatkoj for the winter the vegetables which have been spread out on a summer little table behind a fence, envied: carries to the neighbour! As Ninka tries, for pair - a three of hours can twirl at once from fifty 3-litre jars. Here to you both ruby pomidorchiki, and tiny rough cucumbers, and perchik - allsorts - zakuson you will begin to rock! All this appetizing mammon was quickly gone and carried away in the house, and Volodja, having taken a walk along the street with sozhitelnitsej, suffered affliction from an appetizing savour of dainties, quickly cooked to itself a supper and had a snack white than god will send. The pickles at it was not, and in lawful five hundred parts, except a radish and a potato bucket, anything else it would not be desirable to put. To patience the end when to seen at neighbours soleno - to sweet mammon the golden onion bought for the winter and a large potato was added has come. And then Volodja has decided to look at a neighbour`s cellar though with half an eye. - hear, the neighbour, - Volod`ka on - svojski has tapped on the shoulder of Sergey. - too a cellar I want to dig, yes I am afraid that will not turn out. Let to look, as you have equipped it. How much to dig in depth, how much at width? - Questions before the silent owner of second half of house fell down as from a bucket. In an hour of survey of another`s storehouse Vladimir already knew all. However, not to dig a cellar most, and to dig which - that another. At itself in sentsah a floor piece was to open a piece of cake. Vova bossed a shovel and a breakage as the real navvy. Day has left to reach a plate of the overlapping, with the second - to expand undermining under a thickness of the body. It was necessary to work carefully - the slightest incorrect movement further, and the manhole will fall off directly on treasured, but for the present not accessible banks. As the real sapper, Volodja felt a thickness of undermining sharp pikoj, measuring the remained centimetres. He knew that neighbours in a cellar lazajut infrequently but to meet in a hole huge Ninkinym husband Seregoj Volode it would not be desirable. A week later the hand pushed in a hole has groped a cold side banks. Them was much. First Vova dragged on one, a maximum, on two banks in a month. That neighbours have not missed loss, carefully shuffled banks on regiments, covering with them a hole in a wall. It is sweet - sour pleasure lasted two months. One fine day Volod`ka has decided not to stand on ceremony: has disassembled a narrow manhole, has climbed directly in a cellar and has pulled out at once 8 banok with tomatoes - it wanted to treat the friend who has appeared suddenly on a visit. And to pomidorchikam has taken pair of bags of a potato - on long and tasty zharehu. Next day Sergey has got into a cellar behind an onion and has run into the dirty banks covered with earth. And when has removed a bucket with cabbage, has gasped - in a wall the huge hole gaped. To beat a muzzle to the pilferer - to the neighbour the owner did not become, though fists and were scratched. And here his wife Nina, without having endured offence, nakatala the statement in militia. However, then it became a pity to the woman of the useless neighbour, and she even has forgiven him. Indeed, not upekat for a lattice of the person from - for any cucumbers. But in militia while think differently. - On the given fact criminal case under 158 article, parts 2 - j, point " has been brought; : Secret plunder of another`s property with illegal penetration into storehouse - has told the investigator Orenburg ROVD Svetlana BOLDIN. - this article provides till five years of imprisonment. Trial will be, most likely, long and heavy - suspected of theft often changes the indications, it is difficult to prove, where he tells truth and where is not present. But we will necessarily understand. Here such here the sad story has turned out. After all how much for certain forces it is spent for undermining digging, it is what is the time cunning on a hard work! Would know Volodja that all it diligence will turn back for it criminal article, would be engaged better in own kitchen garden. Or the cellar just the same would dig out. You look, and would manage without a crime. * all names are changed - the Bus Dear readers! And you as consider, a leah it is necessary to punish the person what it has stolen a little banok tomatoes? As though you have concerned to what to you in a cellar or a shed the neighbour has dug undermining? Call to us today by phones: (3532 77 - 62 - 66, 77 - 56 - 05, 77 - 03 - 81. To us important your opinion.