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Cherry garden - a gift to native school

Who has defeated city competition of compositions on products of Russian klassikovv the past Friday the competition spent by Open Society " has come to the end; Orenburggrazhdanstroj financial group ekspert TV channel Oren - TV and the newspaper in Orenburzhye with support of administration of Orenburg within the limits of the project to the XXI-st century - a new cherry garden! Pupils 10 - 11 - h classes of schools and lycees of Dzerzhinsky area of Orenburg wrote compositions on products of the Russian classical literature. The main prize should get to the school which pupils is better will open subjects of the works. On April, 28th in lycee 5 have been named winners - 26 authors of the best compositions. They have received prizes and costly presents: to children have handed over about hundred volumes of a firm series the Russian classics . The owner of the main prize the decision of the competitive commission had been recognised lycee 5 near which building of elementary school will land the present cherry garden. Planting of trees was outlined for April, 29th, but cold weather has prevented, and it have transferred for May, 6th. - we hope that the idea enclosed in such sign action, will receive the continuation and next year, - the head of department of culture of a city administration of Orenburg Valery KRASNOV has told, opening rewarding ceremony. It is symbolical - the most talented future graduates the same as and today, can make to native school so necessary and useful gift. The trees planted by them, will remind many long years him of native school, and in turn the native school will remember the best pupils. Thanks sponsors of the project for so noble cause! - all of us know sad destiny Chekhovian the Cherry garden But our cherry garden waits other destiny, - the assistant to the general director on Open Society building " has told; Orenburggrazhdanstroj Valery LARIN. - 21 cherry tree - a XXI-st century symbol. Today we are builders, we speak is not present to stone jungle also we bring the contribution to an accomplishment of a city, especially young and roughly built up Steppe settlement. Soon cherry avenues become a symbol of Cherry quarter on which building the basic efforts " are now directed; Orenburggrazhdanstroja . In our plans - building construction in 20 - m microdistrict. While this territory - only a building site, but in other places the cherries landed by young generation of Orenburg will blossom. I hope that this creative competition will receive the continuation. Let cherry gardens will blossom and in other disctricts of the city, pleasing orenburzhtsev with the beauty.