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Image Ivan Susanin have restored on a skull

the First the person of the national hero has seen sudmedekspertchasti a skeleton of the inhabitant of Kostroma province have been strongly destroyed. - deadly damages, nose bones are broken into skull surfaces. Is indirectly specifies, in how this person was lost, Poles have simply chopped up it to death, - the deputy chief of regional bureau speaks is judicial - medical examination on Vladimirs PHILLIP`S expert work. - it is obvious, all mutilations are put the victim before death.

1 - a skull with traces terrible πΰνενθι2 - a plaster cast, which expert used for πΰαξςϋ3 - the recreated person of the person

On one of versions in 1613 peasant Ivan Osipovich Susanin has got the Polish army in a dense forest, thereby has ruined shljahtichej and has rescued from death of the tsar of Michael Romanov. For it Poles directly in wood have torn to pieces Susanin, and from its body ostensibly remains nothing. But in the end of the XX-th century there was also other version. In the homeland of the hero - in village Isupovo near Kostroma - on a cemetery have found remains of three men 40 - 45 years (presumably, so much years were to legendary Susanin. - Red.) . And on one of skulls archeologists have found out traces from blows by cutting tools and stupid subjects. These remains began to consider as Ivan Susanin`s bones. And to learn, how the hero looked, the Moscow scientists were converted to the Orenburg expert. On a skull the present candidate of medical sciences Vladimir Filippov has made the first reconstruction of shape of the person still β1973 to year when was the student of medical institute. To it also have sent a plaster cast of a mysterious skull. - now we densely work over restoration of appearance of the victim in XXVII century of the person, - tells Phillips. - most likely, it is Ivan Susanin. In Moscow attempts to identify the person killed almost were undertaken 400 years ago. However DNA in bones was not saved, and to compare a biological material of remains to DNA of recent descendants of Susanin it is impossible. But on plaster model of a skull the forensic scientist could recreate appearance of the peasant from village Isupovo. The hero or not, the further researches will show it. Vladimir Filippov is assured that it and is the well-known Ivan Susanin.