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The monument to bulls and to a horse is made of plastic

In a garden of a name of Frunze have put sculptures of agricultural animals - Mums, and this korovka gives milk? And to the boy in one shirt it is not cold? - Fingered parents questions young orenburzhtsy. - And what the horsy carries in bags? People, are more senior gloomily joked: - It is visible affairs on village not so, time has put a monument to last cow! - this composition is established near to a field camp, - has explained the manager oblzhilkomhoza Anatoly DOBRYNIN. - it should recreate spirit of military and post-war time. One of authors of a sculpture, the head of a workshop Kompozitdizajn Edward ERTSEV has told to the correspondent: - the Composition is made of fibreglass. We have made it in record-breaking short terms - for 3 months. Just to a Victory Day. The pair of the draught animals, one dray-horse and one boy - the drover nonstop were made by 7 persons. The sculpture is made of heavy-duty and nonflammable fibreglass, to which at all frosts and a heat, acid rains and a city smog. Have painted a composition the French automobile paint. And here a mowing machine, in which vprjazheny bulls, and a cart which is pulled by a horsy, - the presents. The Orenburg firm has given on plastic animals 3 - a summer guarantee. It not a limit: products from fibreglass can defend easily open-air not less than 15 years. But if plastic figures strong enough here ordinary bags with sawdust which lie at a horsy in a cart, for certain, should be changed from time to time. Authors, customers do not speak about cost of sculptures, but, under our data, one figure from fibreglass can cost from 3000 to 5000 dollars. Means, the price of all composition nearby $20 000. All new exhibits are made in real size. Artists specially consulted to local scientific research institute of meat cattle breeding. And even a horse have made present, country, which below the thoroughbred colleagues of centimetres on 10 - 15. Artificial animals it is much easier than the live prototypes and everyone weighs about 100 kgs. But on it accuracy which authors achieved, comes to an end, and the inquisitive sight finds rough historical errors in a monument. In - the first, old men say that on bulls did not mow, too they sluggish. In - the second, the bull yoke is made incorrectly. But most of all veterans were confused with boots on the boy: during post-war time if was at the boy such obuvka, in the field it it to put on well could not in any way. According to authors, the generalised character of children of post-war years is dressed quite really - in a fatherly cap and a shirt from an adult shoulder. And round footwear of the drover actually there were heated arguments: wanted to put on the boy both in boots, and in bast shoes, and barefooted to leave. But eventually have chosen an average - boots. The herdboy and animals are completely ready, but here small shtrishki were added in process of Victory Day approach. And before the feast to the boy promised to enclose in hands a leather whip, but why - that vsuchili hvorostinu. Dear readers! And what you think of a new monument? Perhaps, actually there there are no errors? Call to us by phones: (3532 77 - 56 - 05, 77 - 62 - 66, 77 - 03 - 81.