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In Irkutsk eleventh-graders beat lanterns

      Graduates of area said goodbye yesterday to school. Despite a bad weather, on quay hundreds the yesterday`s schoolboys roughly celebrating the first adult feast have gathered.
      - all the evening long our employees observed of order on quay. And we are closer by the night have tightened to Gagarin`s parkway additional crews PPS, - the chief of militia of public security Kirov ROVD Irkutsk Vladimir Gauskin tells. - All - taki we not only people in epaulets, but also simply adult. And fine we understand: to seventeen-year drunk boys and little girls can occur anything you like.
      one fellow, for example, having got drunk beer, has solved to struggle with a lantern near a monument to the lost militiamen. It has broken a lantern. It was necessary to isolate the fellow, parents will pay a damage. Anything more serious this day in a city has not occurred to young men.
      the graduates who have got drunk to a status of diminished responsibility, crews PPS selected. And by phone called to the place of fathers and mums who carried children home. However it was necessary - taki to deliver 17 persons in the Kirov department under the prevention of offences among minors. In the same busy schedule other departments on work with minors in a city worked also.

      and At this time

      In Ust - Ilimske hooligans wanted to break last call

      At two o`clock in the afternoon all field services and fast Ust - Ilimska have left to school 1 where last call at this time has just ended. Unknown persons have informed in a teacher`s room that the school is mined.
      - The information on the put mine was checked by 250 persons - employees of all law-enforcement structures and services of the emergency help of a city, - the chief of regional inspection under the prevention of offences among minors Elena Shalamova has informed. - three hundred schoolboys Urgently evacuated. Mines have not found out.
      exactly in half an hour after that graduates who went on excursion in memorable places have returned to native school. Hooligans who wanted to break to children a feast, hardly - have not timed nearly.
      - it is visible, these impudent persons were afraid and were afraid to call when a feast was in a heat, - the principal tells 1 Ust - Ilimska Svetlana Ivanov. - we have tracked phone call and already we know, who these boys. They after all that udumali! Have disassembled a guard, were connected to phone of nothing the suspecting grandfather and have called from its line. But now with them the militia already works, their parents should pay the considerable penalty.