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In Orenburg - the next custom-made murder

Death of the businessman of Michael Trusova connect with repartition “ Zolotaryov`s empires “

Vladimir Zolotaryov shot in own casino “ the Blizzard “ in the summer of last year, considered as one of “ godfathers “ Orenburg. After its  destruction in area there were some custom-made murders. The people knowing Zolotarja became victims of killers.

Apparently, criminal repartition proceeds. On the night of May, 11th in Orenburg in the street the Birch at an entrance of the house the businessman Michael Trusov has been shot.
As reported by REGNUM, shot belonged to Vladimir Zolotaryov`s grouping. At militia and the Office of Public Prosecutor, engaged in investigation of this crime, while one answer: all - secrecy of the investigation.

- Yes you that! To us on a broader scale have forbidden journalists about it though something to tell, - have declared to us in a press - service of the regional Department of Internal Affairs. - and to employees of Dzerzhinsky regional department the same order is given.
in Office of Public Prosecutor of Dzerzhinsky area were more laconic:
- Any comments!

Refusal of dialogue with the press - the superfluous certificate of that pravoohraniteli in perplexity. Most likely, this custom-made murder remains not opened, the same as Zolotaryov`s murders, Novotroitsk businessman Kissera, regional official Mitrofanova and the director of the Iriklinsky state district power station of Midlera.
Have buried Trusova yesterday. Our sources have informed that in narrow circles it was known as Misha Correct and during lifetime of Zolotaryov conducted with it common causes.

it is detailed about murder and versions of the investigation read on Tuesday, on May, 16th.