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To Australians I will tell about Orenburzhye

Ours 11 - klassnik will go on the international geographical Olympic Games

- When to Tver on the All-Russia Olympic Games went, at me in a train tooth has terribly ached, - tells Renat. - it was necessary, as have arrived, at once to the stomatologist to run. And next day - the first tour. If not the doctor, I do not know that I would do. All of us have lodged in camp Kompjuterija near to a city. This camp something has reminded me ours samorodovo only there it was better. Also fed us perfectly.
Renatu is with what to compare: the champion of the All-Russia Olympic Games on geography it becomes already in the third time.
- this year tasks have been, of course, solved, but from all Olympic Games this was the most difficult, - the winner admits.

from 212 schoolboys who have arrived from 73 regions of Russia, following the results of the Tver Olympic Games have made a school geographical national team. The four of best of the best will go to the Australian city of Brisbane on the international Olympic Games.
- Renat it has merited, - the teacher of geography considers lycee 3 Natalias ILYINS. - it the quiet, modest and talented guy, always aspires to knowledge. It is assured that this time my pupil will defeat all and will bring a gold medal to Orenburg!

Renat will go To Australia in the end of June. While it prepares. Competition in Australia will be serious - in 20 commands from the different countries of the world the best pupils - geographers will gather. Renat will tell to rivals about Orenburzhye and even will present it the Orenburg souvenir. That it will be, yet have not solved. But to carry down a scarf in the country where traditionally plant sheep, according to the Olympian and its teacher as - that is frivolous. On the other hand, Australia is on southern hemisphere of the Earth, and at the height of our summer there just there will be a winter.
Our winner this year leaves school and on competitions will go after final examinations. And here in high school to it it is not necessary to worry about entrance examinations - in the Moscow State University on faculty of its geography as the Olympian, will accept without delivery.

Dostizhenija Renata:
- 3 gold medals on the regional Olympic Games;
- 3 gold medals on All-Russia;
- silver last year on the international Olympic Games in Hungary ( from July, 22nd, 2005);
- possibility without examinations to enter any high school of the country on geography faculty.
dear readers! And you consider what souvenir as the most Orenburg? What it is possible to tell to foreigners about our area? Call to us on bodies.: (3532 77 - 56 - 05, 77 - 03 - 81, 77 - 62 - 66.