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Who « has reserved » the Orenburg businessman?

In sabbatical number we have told Three versions of murder of Michael Trusova about murder of the businessman, well-known in okolokriminalnyh city circles ( from May, 13th of this year) . We will remind, in the night from 10 on 11 Michael Trusov left an off-road car on which it have brought home. It went to an entrance, but has received a bullet in a head and has died on the spot. Under informal data which pravoohraniteli refuse to make comments, murderers was two and shot in Trusova twice.
- I have not understood at first that in the street have banged, - the neigbour of the victim which apartment is on the second floor tells. Is then has already thought that there were 2 shots. At half past eleven it was. I have looked out in a window but why - that that night light over an entrance did not burn. Then already vanity has begun, the driver militia and fast has called. Misha that night has arrived on a jeep, usually it went by different cars and with different drivers.

the arrived militiamen have seen a corpse on asphalt and the big pool of blood. That night Cowards came back from pool where went regularly. Obviously, the murderer (or murderers) well knew about it. Under some data, that night friends offered the businessman support, but Michael has refused it.

Why Mishu called Correct
In Office of Public Prosecutor and militia persistently hide any details connected with murder. But people, despite hearings that Cowards has been connected with a crime, speak about the victim validly.
- certainly, said about Mishe a miscellaneous, but the person it was good. In due time, ministered in Afghanistan, went in for sports, - the neighbour Sergey Ivanovich speaks. - How much he here lived, I never saw its drunk. It was felt that money at it was, but in a life it was idle time: carried valenoks in the winter, put on krossovki barefoot in the summer. And lived in usual two-room apartment. Than he was engaged, I do not know, but together with it I nearby saw often sportsmen. Probably, and its work too is connected with it.
From own sources we knew that Cowards - the former boxer and the military man of special divisions. Happened in flashpoints, before resignation ministered the ensign on Powder - in the educational centre of air defence. Just colleagues also called its Correct for honesty and frankness. From army Trusovu extensive communications and apartment in the street the Birch (to receive it that Michael was married to the daughter nachpolitotdela parts has helped) have got. In the beginning 90 - h, Cowards having left, was engaged in commerce: carried large parties of consumer goods from Peter and Moscow. On it also has risen. When it was required to put up money, became the co-owner of the covered market Steppe also has not lost.

With Zolotaryov shot in the summer of last year in a casino the Blizzard Trusova connected business relations (most likely, the godfather krysheval Trusova). In a direct crime Correct was not engaged, but in graters Arrows and vybivanii debts participated. In certain circles the weight at it was, and here the nickname was not: he was called validly by Misha or Mishanja. In law enforcement bodies Michael Trusov is known as the person who has united round of the Orenburg sportsmen which solved questions at issue between businessmen.

the Damned entrance
On funeral of Trusova 200 persons - basically sportsmen, businessmen and those whom in the people call bratkami have gathered nearby. From an entrance to road all has been covered by roses and carnations. Read the burial service over Trusova in Nikolsky a cathedral church.
tenants of the house in the street the Birch said that murders and funeral became a damnation for them shestnadtsatietazhki. For two days from a unique entrance of a skyscraper have taken out a three ubiennyh: at first the teenager to death hammered in the street, then the hung up mechanic of the lift and the same day Michael Trusova.

to Whom the death of Trusova
Who " was favourable; has reserved Trusova, precisely, anybody probably does not learn. But versions are. Informal sources say that the businessman, most likely, disturbed to the Moscow or Samara criminal structures.
others assure that Mishanja has passed a path to ethnic groupings: a pier, black did not love neither it, nor its late advowee Zolotar. Even say that zolotarevtsy struggled (it, most likely a legend improving an image our Russian bratkov . - Red.) With the Central Asian narcotraffic.
- nonresident and ethnic groupings try to take away for a long time at local last spheres of influence in Orenburg, - the former high-ranking militiaman of a city has declared. - they consider themselves looking in our city. Meanwhile Vladimir Zolotaryov`s grouping in any way did not want to cave in before them.
More informed people consider that the reason the order - in commercial interests of Trusova: it has deduced the business on the area east, and this region for itself have chosen cheljabintsy and ekaterinburzhtsy.
- There children sharp, - has declared one of familiar Trusova. - Midlera have slapped (about murder of the director of the Iriklinsky state district power station we wrote in from March, 31st and on April, 4th), our Mishanju too. It is exact cheljabintsy!