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Journey to buses will grow to 9 roubles?

all the summer long townspeople will go for a drive on old tarifusluhi that fare in all buses will jump up to 9 roubles, have spread on a city right after May feasts. Though in Orenburg continue to go 5 - rouble private paziki and 4 - rouble municipal trolley buses. The flat fare - 6 roubles for a trip, even on country routes, is confirmed by area. And all - taki people worry, journey will rise in price or not? - I think that was not present, - the driver routeing " speaks; Gazelles 57 - go a route Vladimir. - who to us then will sit down, especially in the afternoon? Certainly, 6 roubles at the present prices for gasoline and spare parts not money and to work not to themselves at a loss, it is necessary since morning until late at night circles to cut. In the mayoralty of Orenburg have explained that the letter on revision of tariffs in a municipal transportation is already directed to regional administration, there and will solve. Under a special question - garden sites. Public transport not in a status to transport summer residents for 30 kilometres on former, 6 - the rouble price. The director of department of area for the prices and regulation of tariffs Vladimir GORKOV has told: - Yes, calculations are presented us, and next week we will pass their governor. The rise in price is possible, but that to 9 roubles is hardly. - for public transport I can tell: increases any will not be, - the chief of a municipal government of passenger transport Nikolay TOMCHUK has calmed us. - At least, it is exact in the summer. We will carry people at the old price. Dear readers! And you will go in buses and minibuses for 9 roubles? Call to us by phones: (3532 77 - 56 - 05, 77 - 62 - 66, 77 - 03 - 81.