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Registry office services have risen in price

Modest check in of marriage will manage in 400 roubles - We have raised tariffs the first time for four years, - have informed us in municipal authority У the Palace of celebrations У. - And now the prices for the basic services, behind a small exception, remained in an immutable kind. Now to chain itself in conjugal ties, orenburzhtsam it is necessary to pay 400 rbl. (before 220 rbl. - Red.): 20 rbl. for the form of the state duty and 380 rbl. (also the state duty 200 rbl. here enters) For solemn check in in the Small hall. Except the risen in price old services, employees of a registry office offer enamoured and which - that brand new. The future newly-married couple, for example, can be engaged at school of a young family where they will be learnt to knowledge of home life by scientists and professors of city and capital high schools. On a broader scale - that 8 years for the young pairs marrying, at the Palace free of charge works club У From I to We У but, despite it, everyone 4 - I the Orenburg family does not live to the 3 - letija. Also can, having given for study at school a round sum of 3000 roubles, orenburzhtsam it will be a pity money and they will get divorced less? And how you think, our dear readers what it is necessary to make that was less divorces? Call to us today by phones: (3532 77 - 03 - 81, 77 - 56 - 05, 77 - 62 - 66с 15. 00 to 16. 00. We also wait for responses to our site: www. orenburg. That has grown in the price Е Services: the X-copying was 2руб. Became 3руб. Drawing up of the wedded contract было100руб. Became 150руб. Solemn check in brakamalyj the hall was 300руб. Became 380руб. The big hall was 500руб. Became 830руб. Е that has appeared the newcomer Е Service the Tariff for 2006 (rbl.) School of a young family (for 1 month) 3000руб. Solemn check in in the rural settlements which are a part of Orenburg of 200 rbl. Е what not podorozhalousluga the Tariff for 2006 (rbl.) The statement on reception of the repeated document 20 rbl. the Form of the state duty 20 rbl. Lamination of documents 20 rbl. Solemn check in newborn 500 rbl. Solemn marriage check in under the individual scenario 1560руб. Celebration gold and silver jubiljarov 500 rbl. Hire of dresses, wedding accessories, ornaments on the car 100 - 1800руб. (Depending on product cost) the Order of the car for a wedding train (for 1 hour of service) У Volga У 50 rbl. the Foreign car 150 rbl. the Order of a hall for carrying out of celebrations of 10 % from order cost (on the average 3000) the Order of a bouquet for the bride of 10 % from order cost (on the average 100) the photo Order - and video shootings, the visagiste, the stylist, the hairdresser of 10 % from order cost (on the average 100) If earlier marriage check in managed on the average 6152 roubles, now 6533 roubles. Marriage has risen in price for 381 rouble.