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On Soviet townspeople have forbidden to sell alcohol

on May, 20th celebrate last call and Day of the childhood

On children`s and youthful feasts in city centre is declared the Prohibition . Yesterday in the mayoralty have invited all owners of cafe, restaurants and terraces from street Soviet. Truth from 32 invited 12 persons were only. Zamglavy Orenburg on social problems Lyudmila Marchenko has led with them explanatory discussion. And on an input each businessman has received a leaf with the decision in which appeared:

In connection with carrying out of the city celebratory actions devoted to Day of the childhood, and also with a view of prevention of cases of hooligan actions from youth at carrying out cultural - mass actions realisation of alcoholic production, and also beer with 10 is forbidden on May, 20th, 2006. 00 to 16. 00.
After 16. 00 to strengthen control over realisation of alcoholic production and beer, without supposing sale by the minor .

to show all importance of this decision Lyudmila Aleksandrovna has involved in conversation of the militiaman, the chief of city department of education and the head physician of a city. They have told to sellers of beer and than that is stronger about harm of alcohol for health of children.
- in what territory it is impossible to sell spirits? - One of the invited has taken an interest.
- in the street Soviet from quay of Ural Mountains to Lenin`s area, - Lyudmila Marchenko has responded.

And here with perimetre definition there was a discrepancy. It has appeared if to depart for a quarter aside from Soviet, alcohol there to buy quite even it is possible. But on Soviet the special commission will be sherstit cafes. To owners of those institutions in whom will not execute the mayoralty order, will punish up to licence deprivation. Under the law for sale of alcohol by the minor the physical person is punished by the penalty at a rate of 30 - 40 minimum wage rates (3000 - 4000 roubles), legal - from 300 to 400 minimum wage rates (30 000 - 40 000 roubles). And for sale of low alcohol beer the penalty for physical persons - 20 - 30 minimum wage rates (2000 - 3000 roubles), for legal bodies - 200 - 300 minimum wage rates (20 000 - 30 000