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Round schools have outlined sobriety zones

Till September, 1st in Irkutsk from a stop in the street Lenin will clean all booths where sell strong drinks. Instead of a habitual number of stalls there are only in what sell flowers and newspapers.
so will arrive now with those booths which are more close, than on 50 metres from any school. The decision about it was accepted in a city administration last month.
as Elena Suvorkina has told the inspector on affairs of minors of October area, for them this decision has removed a stone from soul. If earlier private traders could put booths directly behind a school fence now, by new rules, they will be kept from children at arm`s length.
is, of course, does not mean that schoolboys will cease to drink and smoke there and then, - Elena Suvorkina speaks, - but on changes they is exact to a booth will not have time to reach.
According to Elena, now near to many schools trade in cigarettes and alcohol prospers. Here to any the schoolboy can always buy cigarettes by the piece and alcohol on a choice. As practice shows, sellers do not look at age of the buyer and sell vodka and cigarettes even pervoklashkam!
- We spend often spot-checks, we fine sellers, but the majority of them both sold, and continue to sell.
the new decision forbids trade in alcohol in a strong hold above 13 degrees not only near schools, but also near to stations, the airports - booths should be at least in 50 metres from them.

Anatoly`s Photo of Zhdanov.


And a supermarket to take down?

the new decision concerns not only booths. Shops and supermarkets too should be not more close 50 metres from schools. As Svetlana Kopytina has told the expert of department of trade of committee in the consumer market, the administration in this connection has already met the first difficulties. In It is new - Lenino opposite to school 40 some months prior to the decision have constructed a supermarket. Now the power thinks what to do with the shop which has appeared in a prohibited zone.

and At this time

the Mayor of Bratsk has signed the decision about an interdiction for sale of alcoholic production by a strong hold over 13 degrees. The interdiction extends on the trading pavilions which are near to educational, cultural - mass and medical institutions. The distance from a fence of establishment to a shop should be not less than 50 metres. If the protection is absent, it is necessary to measure from a front entrance in a public building. In this case the distance increases to 100 metres.
the businessmen who have broken the decision, deprivation of the licence for trade in alcoholic production waits. But not many of them are upset by the decision of the mayor. In Bratsk only three shops get under this interdiction. They are ready to stop trade is wine - vodka drinks or to transfer the tent on the necessary distance.

Alexey GIMGIN.