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In Orenburg have detained predators of a museum

One have seized at once, behind two others it was necessary to run about

- Approach to me, - the security guard to the three young men who have gone to an exit from museum of Fine Arts on the lane of Kashirin, 29 was converted. - That it at you under a jacket, show!
the Trinity was restive, has exchanged glances and has jerked in all directions. Two - through a rear entrance in a court yard, and the third has decided to slip through the central door. Sharp capture of a hand, a throw through a shoulder, and here already the predator lies on a floor with bracelets on hands.
- attention! One took! Block the second exit, criminals in a court yard! - the portable radio set did not stop for a second. - be careful, they can have a weapon!
in three minutes all has ended. Employees of private security had time to intercept the escaped pilferers in the street. Witnesses of an alarm with astonishment looked at how from arrested persons there and then remove handcuffs. It has appeared that alarm educational, and capture training.
is it is necessary for our fighters, - has summed up doctrines fulfilling duties of the head of department of private security at the Department of Internal Affairs of area Victor of the HOT. - as soon as an exhibit have removed from a support, the alarm system has worked, and we have urgently left to a museum. And on an exit the security guard already waited pilferers as all halls are looked through by video observation chambers.

unfortunately, not all museums of a city are equipped by modern system of protection. Even more often the present predators try umyknut pictures, icons and unique subjects of use. In area territory in 2005 11 thefts of cultural values are registered, truth, 9 from them are made in apartments and houses of collectors.