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It is all a gallery play

In from May, 19th the note " has been published; Deputies have exchanged foreign cars for the bus how a little gorsovetovtsev have decided to test on itself what to be the passenger of the country bus. Today we publish opinions of our readers and heroes of the publication.

- Has read with pleasure, very much even it is quite good, thanks. Only neither I, nor deputy Gavrilov in cottages, unfortunately, we do not live. About Daminova I do not know.

Boris Savitsky, the deputy of the Orenburg City Council.
- it is visible, our officials to themselves have thought up such fascinating game, have decided to become more close to the people, and that a fat have absolutely swum away. It is all a gallery play, original public relations for them - no more that. Have stood out, and what? Think, something in these country buses then will change? As there was a crowd so it and will be.
Lyudmila Matveenko, the pensioner.

- All event in this bus, to tell the truth, reminded cinema. Represent, the landing of stars has landed. Deputies in a pointed manner bought kvass at a stop, then on summer residences - cottage cheese in which the rural granny traded. I think, and transport workers were beforehand prepared for this event. And bolshee quantity of buses on a route have exposed, and in salon were tidied up, that to people`s choices it was more freely gone. Only very few people has thought of usual passengers.
Valentina Petrovna, the passenger 181 - go the bus.