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Orenburzhtsam sell an immortality elixir ?

the Umbilical blood of babies start up on deckman cages

- We have lived 10 years together, and children all were not, - has told 33 - summer orenburzhenka Marija*. - When the husband has learnt that I am pregnant, have literally filled up me with gifts. But fear all - taki was. Understand, age. For the future kid it was terrible: and suddenly, God forbid, illness any will be found out. We have solved to insure the future of our firstborn.
a way of the insurance of the spouse have learnt from a telecast: if to freeze blood from an umbilical cord of the baby it is possible to make something of it like an immortality elixir, a medicine for any illness. Have found clinic which is engaged in it, - the Center cellular - fabric therapy (TSKTT).

Where do an immortality elixir ?
- it is Not absolutely correctly told, - Alexander PARSHUTA, the doctor from TSKTT has corrected us . - the umbilical blood, instead of blood of babies Is frozen. And deckman cages which receive from it, it is possible to name only tiny step on a way to to an immortality elixir .
Since 2006 any family which waits for the child, can conclude the contract with TSKTT. And when time near to the lying-in woman there will be a doctor who will make a fence a blood umbilical cord will come. Then it deliver to Samara, in Volga region bank of haemopoetic cages. The deckman cages received from blood, are stored in kriobanke, the special safe - the refrigerator.

How much is?
Alas, a miracle - the medicine will fly orenburzhtsam in bo - about - olshuju kopeck. An umbilical blood fence, delivery in kriobank, processing and the first year of storage will manage in 29 000 roubles. Each next year storages (its term practically is not limited. - Red. ) - 3000 roubles.

the Insurance on an illness case
For Orenburg this way while in wonder, and here abroad 15 years collect an umbilical blood. Also there are cases, when for the sake of miracle 80 - 150 grammes of an umbilical blood which are necessary for rescue of the seriously ill patient of the child, parents give birth to another.
- the umbilical blood after a birth of the child remains in a placenta and an umbilical cord. Usually in maternity homes it simply destroy as an unnecessary biomaterial, - Alexander Parshuta has explained. - the Blood sampling for mum and the child painless and safe, - childbirth has already passed, and the umbilical cord is pressed and cut. On time occupies 5 minutes. If necessary the fence can be made and at Cesarean section.
blood of all four is now stored in Samara orenburzhtsev. The most sad case at pair, whose son has died of a leukaemia (a blood cancer). Spouses have solved to insure from illnesses of the second child.

For what it becomes
As branches grow from a tree trunk, leaves, flowers, fruits, and from deckman cages the organism can to make anew practically any fabric. Deckman cages cure backbone and brain traumas, cancer diseases, a cirrhosis, illnesses of a marrow and many other things. But only provided that they are compatible to an organism of the patient.
in an umbilical blood of deckman cages in thousand times more, than in blood of the adult.
* the name is changed. A leah

you Believe in existence of an elixir of immortality?
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Galina KOROTKOV, the assistant to the head physician on first-aid station GUUS the Orenburg station of blood transfusion :
- Behind deckman cages, undoubtedly, the big future. In an ideal it would be desirable, that each newborn orenburzhets had such the medical insurance - a leah poorly what tests and illnesses wait for the child. Also it is a pity that while the fence and umbilical blood preservation are presumed to themselves only by men of means.