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In Orenburge:Nas female dresses

Petersburg guys force to wear Valery Mihajlovsky`s man`s ballet have shown on a scene the delights

Handsome men in pointes come to us already in the fourth time and always break a storm of an applause. This time from a train Moscow - Orenburg they have gone down in the night from Sunday to Monday. All 14 persons went in a usual compartment car. The age of participants of show fluctuated from 17 to 54 (at the main head of ballet Valery Mihajlovsky it will be fast anniversary), but all on - sports pumped up. With itself(himself) everyone carried on a weighty suitcase on castors with scenic suits.

organizers of a concert - theatrical agency the Pro - Art - have lodged dancers in hostel the Union in the street 60 years of October. For everyone have removed a single room for 800 roubles a day, and for Mihajlovsky and directors of troupe - suites for 2000 one rubles. In hotel cafe guys have gone down next day nearby 13. 00, properly having had a rest. To indulge the tightened tummies they have solved only fried eggs with sausage, sandwiches, yoghurt and coffee with tea.
- very much we are tired, every day on trainings of hours on six in day it is spent in a ballet class, - they have complained, therefore on shops in search of any souvenirs and the well-known down scarfs have decided not to go.

After a meal at once have gone to theatre of a musical comedy where rehearsal lasted four hours.
- tomorrow at us performance in Ufa, and then at once we go for long four months on tour abroad, - Valery Mihajlovsky has shared plans for the future. - we are loved very much in America, Canada, China, by Holland. However, there and cost of tickets for show makes in recalculation on roubles not less than 3000. It is insulting only that our birthday should be marked behind a hillock . So it would be desirable to collect the party and pokutit where - nibud in Peter.

On a scene of the man manufactured such that all ladies in a hall delightfully gasped. Imagine, as the long-legged athlete spins on nosochkah and manufactures everyones a pas in a frank female dress. Still bolshy the delight was called by two numbers where under Bizet and Tchaikovsky music guys were bared to one shorts - stringov. For what right after a concert behind side scenes on them the whole crowd orenburzhenok has snatched, wishing to present to handsome men on a soft toy.

Almost all lovers of autographs asked the same question:
- And you have girlfriends or wives?
on what one were confused and left from the answer, others - positively nodded heads, and someone directly spoke: 50 on 50 . For all and there was secret a sexual accessory of guys.
- and how they concern your frank dresses and female dresses?
- So them order to dress. Try refuse!

Having escaped from excited fanatok, the troupe has with its full complement gone to have supper in a tavern the Wind rose . Vodka as in last arrival, guys to play about not steels, and here attempted wonderfully well. Pitertsy have reserved to itself a borsch with pampushkami, a chicken, French fries and vegetable salatiki.