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From journalists we learn that should speak kommunalshchiki

Yesterday we have published a note Kommunalshchiki have arranged krasnodartsam GAZavat that people stand huge turns in RAPS and Krasnodargorgaze to exchange gas abonknizhki. We result responses krasnodartsev on this material.

Evgenie Kolesnikov, the pensioner:
- Thanks for article, you to me have opened eyes on what it is not necessary to do. I too tried to replace abonknizhku, but, having seen, how much it is necessary to defend in turn, have decided to find out at first, a leah all these inquiries, extracts from personal accounts and so on are necessary. I call in gorgaz - there me futboljat from one employee to another. In the RAP too explain nothing - all such nervous... So I from them also have not achieved anything. These citizens cannot make elementary - to explain to people that from them it is required. It turns out, what for them journalists should do it?!

Vladimir Lenivtsev:
- I was worn out with the RAP 10 about which you wrote. I sell apartment, the inquiry was necessary that I do not have debts before it. But, that it to receive, it was necessary to pass all torments of a hell. At first to stand turn in RAP accounts department. There give an extract from the personal account about absence of debts, but it defective - that is has no validity, to its buyer you will not show. With it you go in Power sale and in Krasnodargorgaz that to you have given out inquiries on absence of debts for light and for gas. These are two more turns. Then you come back in the RAP, again you lose day or two in turn in accounts department and at last you receive the necessary extract that debts before the RAP at you are not present. But what for good reason to the RAP to what relations at me with energetikami and gazovikami? Why I should, wasting the time, to report to it? If it is required to the buyer so I will present all necessary inquiries to it. And at what here kommunalshchiki?