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The Kuban doctor will put on paws a tigress from Moscow

to Akelu from an ambulatory menagerie muchit a fistula

Destiny of inhabitants of the Krasnodar ambulatory menagerie - branch of Moscow Rosgostsirka - anybody never was interested. Well, mums came - fathers with children to take a look at animals who hlebushka who brought carrots - to feed up.

But here the tigress of Akely had a fistula under a canine on the top jaw. The proud animal from a pain began to mew zhalobnee a kitten. And compassionate visitors, having seen tears in the opinion of the sufferer, have lifted on the Internet a sensation - a pier, will suffice to scoff over zhivotinoj, it is better to lull her, time it is impossible to help. Also have thrown a call - let`s collect on this business of a money.

We in the answer for those whom have sheltered

- at anybody from us the hand will not rise to make it, Akela at us lives more than twenty years, native to all became, - Tatyana, the worker of a menagerie is indignant. - And how much she has given birth to kids! We care of the pupils, we feed, we treat them. At us many years live a lion Caesar, and recently to us have brought the second - Julia. At it the canine is not present - have beaten out during training in circus. And Akela began feel badly itself last year. But to tell, what exactly disturbed her, anybody from vetvrachej could not. And with one month ago at it the fistula was formed, all jaw has swelled. She did not know rest from a pain in the afternoon, at night.

Operation - next week

- In Krasnodar to us have recommended vetvracha which has examined Akelu and has appointed to it a course of antibiotics, we give them with food, - Tatyana continues. - after it to a tigress became as though easier. But the tumour all the same does not descend.

- According to the treating doctor, without operation not to manage, - Arnold Muradov tells the deputy director of a menagerie. - But there were difficulties. We long searched for a special gun to which can lull an animal for the period of operation. But could not find anywhere. Eventually to us it was borrowed by colleagues from other zoo. Now here I go in search of a strong narcosis which would approach for a tiger.

As soon as all organizational moments will be settled, Akelu will operate. Most likely, it will occur next week, on Thursday. But the doctor yet does not want ahead of time anything to speak not to maleficiate.

- we have reasons to be superstitious: in - the first, Akela already elderly tigress, at liberty they live on the average fifteen years, in bondage - years twenty, sometimes hardly it is more. And in - the second, the main thing that it has sustained a narcosis, - Arnold Vladimirovich considers. - but pleases that at it appetite is. It is a good sign...

Now the menagerie from the Krasnodar street Sormovsky has got over in settlement Afipsky. Here it will stay until Akelu will not operate. And then all animal company will go to go on tour on edge.


the Patient has passed to forcemeat

the Diet at Akely monotonous - five - six kgs of beef a day. But from - for illnesses to chew to it it was sick, therefore to a tigress began to buy only forcemeat. The whole pieces of the meat, a favourite dish, give to it twice a day. Overcoming a pain, Akela with appetite eats greedily them.