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Soldiers - srochniki will not pay for journey...

the authorities of Krasnodar are anxious by, how them otalonit

Preferential journey on city passenger transport (except minibuses and a taxi) was discussed again in Gordume of Krasnodar. In the agenda project about it it has been included at once two questions. The first in mutual relations between exempts and the motor transportation enterprises, as a matter of fact, has changed nothing. Pensioners in March will receive tee on 20 coupons for trips to trams, trolley buses and buses and six coupons - on suburban buses.

But the second question which deputy Vladimir Terjuhov suggested to discuss, was more basic.

- One of problems of committee headed by me - support of military men, - Vladimir Evgenevich has shared the plans. - Here I also have suggested to give travel privileges to the civil and military pensioners who have left on rest on a period of service or on a state of health, without having reached 55 - summer and 60 - summer age. And also to soldiers, sergeants, cadets of military educational institutions and soldiers - srochnikam, serving in Krasnodar, - during city patrol. But my question have excluded from the agenda even at its discussion.

Deputy Terjuhov - not from scandalous that is why after discussion of the first transport question again has started to bend the line.

- it was hard to overpersuade officials who asserted that retired before the put age in a status to earn on journey, - Terjuhov complains. - Besides, judging by references in the Duma, such in a city not too it is a lot of: considerable budgetary victims it would not be required.

As a result in the project for the present not signed decision there was only one of points for which Vladimir Evgenevich fought. Free of charge in the Krasnodar public transport there will go soldiers - srochniki. Till March with which approach the new decision, obviously, will come into force, some more days. In this time officials need to think up, as conductors and military men can find common language.

And At this time

... And postmen - to carry preferential coupons on houses

to Krasnodartsam it is necessary to go behind them in sotszashchitu

Prayers of pensioners krajtsentra have reached the official ears only half. Yes, the people calling in edition - Kuban within all February, said what to force to carry postmen coupons on houses - waste of time and means. But after all they said and that pieces of paper these are not necessary basically.

- give the chance to us to buy preferential travel cards, - asked one.

- Let there will be coupons, - others agreed, - but let they will not be limited by period of validity for a month.

And on suburban transport among our readers such unanimity! All of them unanimously almost that shouted:

- Leave the one and only coupon on which once a month we can drive to any settlement of edge, instead of in radius 50 suburban kilometres.

But our readers, by and large, and remained not heard. Now they should be built again in humiliating turns at points of delivery of the privilege earned by them.


Points of delivery of preferential coupons on journey to a car - and a railway transportation in Krasnodar:

the Western district

Street October, 21, ph. 268 - 02 - 06;
street Dzerzhinsky, 105, bodies. 215 - 44 - 01;
pr - t Security officers, 31, ph. 361 - 47 - 08.

the Central district

Street of 40 years of Victory, 8, ph. 252 - 24 - 25;
street Stavropol, 140, ph. 233 - 69 - 12.
Prikubansky district of Street Festival, 16, bodies: 221 - 20 - 58, 226 - 15 - 86.

Karasunsky district

Street Garden, 13/ 2, ph. 237 - 40 - 45;
TOS - 1, street Stavropol, 167/ 1, ph. 235 - 81 - 65;
TOS - 5, Ignatov`s street, 16, ph. 237 - 83 - 86;
settlement TOS Pashkovsky, street Bershansky, 117, ph. 237 - 04 - 57;
street Ural, 168, ph. 232 - 48 - 10;
TOS hut. Lenin, street Youth, 37, ph. 238 - 99 - 14;
TOS the item Old Korsunsky, street Red, 60, ph. 234 - 87 - 09.