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Did not drink at the wheel? Breathe more deeply and be not stirred!

in our corner of the world for the first time into Russia are entered alkotestery which will relieve sober drivers of unnecessary physical examination

Promille have spread out on shelves

It appears, the Kuban GAI officers have already started to check on us the new technics - alkotestery, or alkometry. One of these days they have confessed in it to journalists, having collected them on a press - conference in edges UGIBDD. It is necessary to recognise that this news to drivers kind. After all now it is not necessary to lose a great lot of time and money, proving that you not a camel, - in sense that did not drink.

For you all will tell the gauge alkotestera. If on zero - happy journey! If you died in a tubule, and on a board have begun to jump tsiferki, welcome to the doctor. According to GAI officers, instrument readings - only one of criteria (others - face reddening, a smell from a mouth, shivering hands, instability of a pose) on which the employee of GAI defines, a leah it is necessary to send you on physical examination. And on - former the doctor can put the diagnosis only!

- On Kuban operate already 400 alkotesterov, - tells the Novel Tchernyshov, the deputy chief of department of administrative practice UGIBDD the edge Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.

Devices provide all divisions of traffic police. Anywhere in regions still it is not present. At least, so in large quantities. For the convenience in application and relative cheapness (5900 roubles) the device has been chosen from seven possible variants alkotesterov for Kuban Blowing . Unlike tubes which informed only on presence or absence of the alcohol, the new device shows alcoholic promille in numbers.

- Also yields already result new dyshalka ?

- Give us time, - have responded in GAI, - three months will suffice. We will analyse the data and we will tell.

Tubes turned green from kefir

to check up a miracle - the device in operation, we have gone with the inspector there, where to it and a place, - on road. Have stopped the suspicious driver (the uncertain driving, the swelled up eyes, attempt to whisk for the colleague on a following number). The GAI officer asks to be tested. The driver not against. The device is included, the driver inflates cheeks, an exhalation - some seconds the device thinks and bulbs are then lighted, and it few times peeps. The test is finished, alkometr shows zero.

- As, on - to yours, such device is necessary to drivers? - we ask the surveyed Andrey Mohna.

- If it is reliable, is necessary. In the tubule past not clearly that showed: turned green, blackened - even from kefir. And here all is simple. Same economy of money and time. Therefore I for .

Other three drivers too have supported an innovation. It is not pleasant to them, when their persons who have swelled up from heavy labour everyday life specify on a heavy hang-over.

Our inspector has informed us that he personally allowed to breathe in alkometr to fifteen drivers. Three of them has directed to the doctor. The diagnosis intoxication at all has proved to be true. That these drivers think concerning a novelty, we do not know...


How to use a tester?

Keep in mind that:

FROM the FILE - Kuban

the Order of Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation for 308 about introduction alkometrov has appeared in an official press in the beginning of October. The document is obliged by the occurrence to a large quantity of complaints to guards on roads which, without having on special equipment hands, have absolutely lost a scent and began to carry on medical survey of absolutely sober citizens.


Weight: 200 grammes.
the sizes: 1206025.
a Food: batteries, works also from prikurivatelja.
the Country - the manufacturer: Korea.