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do not say to the husband that it is not necessary to you!

after all always there will be other clever and artful woman who will convince him that she lives without it cannot. Also that the most terrible, he can believe to it, - our reader Marina writes. - having learnt about change of the husband, I at first drove it, and have then thought: at me two children why I should give the muzhik to it, and itself to remain one - odineshenka. And I have changed itself and have changed the destiny...

We were reduced by an electric train

With the husband I has got acquainted directly as the heroine of a film Moscow does not believe tears - in an electric train. We went together to Krasnodar for study. I then on the second year studied, and it for a year was more senior. Played cards all road. And then, when he has seen my very heavy bag with banks - zakatkami, - I to an exit on an electric train floor hardly dragged it - was called to help. Together we have reached to me on apartment. I its mum`s solenjami for the help have fed. And the mistress washing, babulja - the God`s dandelion as soon as it has left, has told: do not miss, thy is the guy - gold, at once it is visible!

having received such, it is possible to tell, blessing and having seen it near the house in two days, I was delighted madly. Means, I think, and truth is my destiny.

There were we it long - almost three years. Then there was a hand and heart offer. I have told that I will think, though already and so knew that my choice is made. We have got married. At first rented apartment. Then parents have helped with the.

On my misfortune he has met the odnogruppnitsu

to Quarrel we have begun, when at us the second child was born. The husband began to be late on work. Came malicious, tired, did not talk to me. To my inquiries did not respond, and then I and itself have ceased to penetrate into its affairs. Dialogue was reduced to a type minimum greetings - while The same was and in bed. I have been too occupied by the son, and the daughter of the senior many attention demanded - school, employment in muzykalke. We began to keep away more and more from each other.

that my husband has started to drive shury - messes with any woman, I have learnt from the friend. She long julila, stammered and reddened, and then admitted: I of thy saw with the woman in a sauna! He asked to speak nothing, but I cannot hide from you .

I began to extort from the husband. Whether it the fool, whether I am able to conduct cross-questioning but me he in all admitted. Has told that this woman - it odnogruppnitsa. That they have happened half a year back, have remembered all the who married and at whom how much kiddies. And then she povadilas to keep ringing to it: Help me to make that, help it . So it became accepted in its house. It welcomed it, slippers at it there the have appeared, her mother pies to it with scorching heat meat. Cajoled it together. Tried.

this Woman was divorced. Her husband has thrown a year later after a marriage. It one nurtured the nine-year son.

I when about all these details have learnt - to me it became already bad. I think, well what swine - both mine, and this...

After all has emerged outside, they continued to meet. Almost year. Year of my nerves. And I could do nothing. Suffered its tricks and absence at night. Wanted already was, as one my friend, to collect its suitcase and to expose blagovernogo for a threshold. But, when the plan has shared with the girlfriend, it has not supported me: Look at me, I live one, and what to sense? And my husband has got to someone! Do not repeat my error. Now good muzhiks on road do not roll. Talk to the, tell what live without it you can not. That you love it . And I have decided to struggle for the happiness!

I am grateful to the husband for its choice

I Look - muchitsja it. And there it pulls, and from us with children does not want to leave. So we, dreamily, still have lived half a year. On the verge of rupture. I now understand that it if I have banished it would leave, has left and has not returned. And so could not. Has regretted, probably.

And then I look, it more and more the house began to happen. With children potters. It has appeared that its chief has heart-to-heart talked to it - I do not know, about what, but this conversation has taken effect. It has returned to a family. At first the mistress exasperated with its calls, even at night. Invented stories that it is pregnant that I prevent to live to it. But... It has made a choice in our advantage, for what I am grateful till now to it. And in couple of months after all threats of its mistress I have learnt that is pregnant itself. At us the girl was born. The husband rushed with it happy. Such was not with one of our children. He fed her, itself bathed, walked in the street with a carriage, changed pampers. I simply cried with happiness. We became on - to the present a happy family.

I think that have correctly made that have not struck an attitude, have not expelled Sashu. I have forgiven him, and my pardon has returned to me storitsej. Now at us already adult children. The senior daughter has married, younger has entered last year in university. When I think that all could develop differently, it becomes terrible...

do not hurry up to do hasty conclusions, do not hurry to get divorced. In life everyone happens. The main thing, be able to forgive. Knowingly say in the people that first marriage consists in heavens...

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