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. And the guy from Novokubanska builds the love on TV

Roman Tretjakov tries to win a year the house in Moscow suburbs

While Svetlana from Sochi submits a modelling sky, other our fellow countryman, from Novokubanska, TV - the button in a reality - show " combats for the house in Moscow suburbs on another; the House - 2 . Rum builds the love already almost year, its last darling became the girl from Peter Olga Buzova. With it at it the relation difficult, and more it is not known, how all will turn back in the ending of show.

Tretjakov is considered the Novel hardly probable not the most active participant of this project but very few people knows that it comes from Kuban - to the majority the guy is known as the inhabitant of Taganrog.

- Actually, - Vyacheslav, the father has told to us Rums, - the son studied at the Taganrog radio engineering university and already it has finished, then worked on radio. Since the childhood conducted active life, in a kindergarten Died on barricades participated in all morning performances. And when became more senior and studied at the new Kuban school, has formed the team of KVN Bratushki from dvushki . At university with KVN command went by tour to Kiev, Minsk, on the Black Sea coast.

the Main dream Rums was to get to the project Last hero . But, unfortunately, and it has not turned out.

- Last time in Novokubanske of Rum was last year on May feasts, - Vyacheslav Tretjakov continues. - Since then did not see, but constantly we call up. Now every day all family we gather in front of the TV and we look at the son. To tell the truth, first not so it was pleasant, too much vulgarities and dissoluteness, and have got used now.

And HOW to YOU the BRIDE?

With Olga the son needs to be more rigid

- Olga Buzovoj - parents concern a choice of the son as a whole normally.

- But how Rum Ole concerns, I do not support. It belittles the authority to improve relations with it, - the father of the Novel speaks, - it is necessary to be more rigid.

- But, in general, the girl she quite good, - with skill adds Tretjakov - the senior, - interesting on the person. Only it is young still therefore it is too much emotions. And on a broader scale it would be desirable to hope that participation in the project will do the son good.