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The beauty from Sochi has reached the final SHOW YOU are a SUPERMODEL - 2 ...

Here the second month Svetlana Sergienko struggles for a prize in 250 thousand dollars

In the most favourite female feast, 8 Martha, one of the central TV channels will finish display next a reality - show You are a supermodel - 2 . While muzhiks will cut salads and to wait for visitors, their ladies can be ill for the zemljachku. In the evening in the project will select one and only which will win the main prize - the contract with modelling agency for the sum of 250 thousand dollars.

Before business has reached shootings, organizers have arranged selection tour. It passed in two stages, girls otsmatrivali across all Russia. Sochinka Sveta Sergienko, had time to participate in the native city not in one beauty contest, simply could not pass by! Also it has appeared in the four of the best which have selected for a trip to Moscow.

- If you will not pass a casting, throw modelling business and be engaged in education, - so her mother Olga Fedorovna addressed in capital to Light.

But there good luck has smiled to Svetlana. It became one of thirteen beauties which have lodged by the steam-ship the Siskin also have given possibility to struggle for the main prize. Every Sunday girls take part in every possible photosessions, after which strict judges eliminate unsuitable to a model trade.

Chances at ours zemljachki quite good - minulo two months of heartrending experiences, and for today it one of three (!) The girls who have remained by the steam-ship. A leah becomes Light of the best? We will see in the ending - on March, 8th.

to Survive in jungle of modelling business of ours Light meanwhile it is possible.


I never studied in a model trade

In the childhood Svetlana was fond thekvondo, track and field athletics, a choreography, studied in game as a piano. At all thus at school received only four and five .

- I never studied in a model trade, simply participated in beauty contests, - speaks Light.

And nevertheless in 2004 it became vitse - Ms. of Sochi and Ms. Tourism .

Now Light - the student of the second year filfaka university of tourism and resort business. Education of the philologist is necessary for it, that correctly to nurture the children .

TTH Svetlanas Sergienko

Age - 19 years.
parametres - 88/ 60/ 92.
Growth - 180 see