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Three teenagers have raped and have killed the teacher

And next morning were in militia with guilty

For three tenth-graders from a village Dolzhansky Yeysk area for a long time the bad glory went. They badly studied, godlessly shirked, for what have deducted them from usual day school and have translated in the vesper. But guys did not undertake mind, continued to idle. And all free time spent in pleasure institutions - area - that resort, to clear up is where. At school where they were registered, say that teenagers already got to militia for a robbery and rape but then to business have not given a course.

state of emergency which till now all inhabitants of a village remember with horror and disgust, has occurred in the night from 25 for October, 26th of last year.

the Consequence lasted some months, and just now the criminal case raised under item 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, entailed death of the victim it has been passed in Yeysk court where within the next few days and hearings will begin.

the Fatal meeting

that evening teenagers loafed on a village in podpitii. More close by the night they have met the former teacher Valentine Martyshko. For a long time, when these children were still lovely madcaps, it learnt them to be tightened on a horizontal bar and to run on long and short distances.

that evening Valentina Petrovna has celebrated birthday at home the grand daughter.

- Also has pulled its lines to go out of doors, would sit at home. So is not present, have sat - have drunk, and it to members of household - I will go supposedly I will be aired. Who knew, than this walk will turn back for it? - Neighbours are distressed. - bringing down two times married was. From first marriage at it the daughter. The second husband recently has left - it to another has left. She endured parting strongly. Earlier the daughter here lived with the husband, and then they on the North on earnings have left. The grandson have left to Valentine. Then the grand daughter was born there. Rejoiced Bringing down - that. And here with Petrovnoj, except the grandson, the father - the invalid lived. It coped with all. Also it was necessary to it to meet these boys. You see, how are you doing - that turns...

- According to arrested persons, Valentina Petrovna has asked them to take it home that they and have made, - the inspector of interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor of Yeysk Sergey Tokarev has told to us. - having approached to a house gate, she has suggested them to drink. Those have not refused. Have departed far away from a court yard which is located on village suburb. Saw together one more bottle. Have remembered the past. And here the woman has told it something insulting. Teenagers have become angry, have started it to beat. This bottle has gone to a course also. But to kill the woman, arrested persons on interrogations confirmed, they did not want. All left casually. They even were going to call at first Fast but were frightened...

Also have dispersed easy on houses.

And in the morning all village has hooted, as a beehive, - stanichniki have found Valentina Petrovny`s body, have informed in militia. The rumour about murder has scattered faster a wind. Having thought that sewed in a bag all the same you will not conceal, teenagers have gone to militia - with guilty...

Came to school - to occupy money for a bottle

in the Woman not only have hammered to death. As have carefully told in Office of Public Prosecutor, she has been raped. But during interrogations warm and fuzzy boys unanimously began to assert that that night all ostensibly occurred amicably.

to Believe that having two grandsons 56 - the summer woman, let even tipsy has agreed to copulate with three young children as - that is difficult. Yes any live soul in a village also does not believe it! And furthermore colleagues who knew Valentina Petrovnu not one year.

- Yes you that as it is possible to believe these geeks who screen itself in all ways! Such it could not be simple, not such it the person! - director SSH 5 items Dolzhansky Galina Voevodkina gets excited. - Valentina Petrovna has worked all life at our school. Right after peduchilishcha, still the little girl to us has come. Taught in initial classes all these years physical culture. And you know, what is it - to work with kids. What patience needs to be had, a special step. All very much respected her. It was quiet, planing and very fair. On Valentine Petrovna`s pension has left in August. In total two months prior to tragedy... At all people have created it with it such are full morons. In the morning they have come to school, in blood-stained trousers to ask money on credit from children. With all it is polite so greeted. With what it is necessary to be cynics!.

In militia, speak pravoohraniteli, they have come the drunk. Probably, money collected on a bottle - has decided to drink for bravery.

On them for a long time the prison cried

- With one of these teenagers of a problem have begun for a long time already, - Galina Ilinichna speaks. - as we fought with it, left nothing. His mum so brought an attention to the question: in all the school is guilty. And after teachers spoke - morons. How much time I offered it, let`s define it in a social shelter that he has stayed without parent guardianship, has experienced. But it: Over my dead body . And itself ran on a village - pulled out it endlessly that of one, from another zavarushki.

the Second guy was from an unsuccessful family. The father did not see never in life, mother was earlier sudima. Nobody was engaged in education of its house. And here one fellow from this Trinity was quite good when - that - charming, kind, well studied. But as has contacted this company in the ninth class, and has swept downwards on the inclined. Yes you at children with whom they together studied, ask.

it is surprising, but at school any person has not told a kind word about the schoolmates.

- Yes we also felt that sooner or later all will end with it, - children speak. - on them the prison cried. But that here so to manage with the woman, the teacher... It simply does not go in!

In a village to these people not a place?

Article on which will judge minors, assumes more than ten years of imprisonment. But in Office of Public Prosecutor say that more to them will not give. There are softening circumstances - age and an appearance with guilty. But is and aggravating - the crime has been made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement. How much years they will spend behind a barbed wire, will define court. But a leah they can, having released, to come back home? At school where guys studied, senior pupils have collected 150 signatures and have directed the post card to regional Office of Public Prosecutor. In it schoolboys demanded, that to these geeks have forbidden when - or to come back in a native village.

After this petition in SSH 5 the checking time and again visited. Were interested, a leah children have guessed to such or who has prompted. And very much were surprised, having learnt that. And still children without someone`s pointers go on a cemetery - to put flowers on a tomb of the teacher.