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Irkutsk has grasped « the queen »

At stadium Work on Tuesday and environment has passed the present feast of track and field athletics. One and a half hundreds representatives queens of sports from Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia have taken part in tournament the Memorial of Irkutsk athletes . Competitions have been devoted memory of our outstanding sportsmen: George Ivakina, Evgenie and Valery Averbuh, Vladimir Belomestnyh, Alexander Zolotaryov and Ivan Yermolaev.
all participants and witnesses of event have agreed in opinion that similar tournament for Irkutsk - more than high level. Let not the Olympic games, but nevertheless. So, for example, a flag of competitions have entrusted to lift to the Moscow sportsman Sergey Ivanov, the champion of Russia in run on 5000 metres.
but also our fellow countrymen on native arena were not lost. Anastas Krupsky has defeated sector for pole vaults. Its initial result is equal to 3 metres to 90 centimetres. And on a hundred-metre race Andrey Romanov took priority. The Irkutsk sprinter has kept within in 10 whole 4 tenth seconds.
yesterday there has passed the basic part of the tournament which has contained in of competition of stayers, jadrometatelej, shestovikov and many other things. Organizers have made competent public relations - a course, having invited KVN team the District city . Uraltsy have spent ceremony of rewarding and closing parade.
about sports results of tournament and how amused inhabitants of Irkutsk visiting KVNs - shchiki, read in tomorrow`s, Friday, release