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Zenith has not wanted to castle with Kuban

From - for refusal of commands to change on March, 17th CSKA it is necessary to play the schedule of meetings on killed a lawn

the Internet dazzles with hearings about possible carrying over of an away match Kuban - Zenith . We will remind that originally commands should meet on March, 9th in Peter and 16 - go - in Krasnodar. But, as already wrote last meeting disturbs to the Moscow CSKA which will already precisely play in Krasnodar 17 - go numbers a match of an UEFA Cup with Yugoslavian the Guerrilla . A grass for one days after fight Kuban - Zenith it will not have time to be restored, so, to horses it should to play the trodden lawn.

to avoid it, have offered other scheme: on March, 8th Zenith and Kuban meet in Krasnodar, and 16 - go - in Peter. But, unfortunately for Muscovites, to it not to happen.

the General director of the Krasnodar club Maxim Remchukov has declared that the meeting 16 - go will pass on our earth, - not to discourage fans.

has not wished to break an order and Petersburg club. If to consider dislike Zenith to CSKA it is quite clear. And the fat point in this question was put by the helmsman Kuban Hovanets. Gathering krasnodartsev has been transferred from Turkey to Czechia specially that football players have worked in the weather conditions similar to the Petersburg. And by March, 16th weather in northern capital can quite change. It will turn out, what all preparation - to nothing?

So a match 1/ 8 cup-finals of Russia between Zenith and Kuban will pass on March, 9th at stadium Petrovsky . As informs an official site Zenith all negotiations about meeting carrying over are finished.

Tickets for game will appear in stadium cash desks Kuban on March, 9th also will cost from 150 to 200 roubles.

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Krasnodartsy have prevailed against Hop

Our command before the major cup match with Zenith has defeated Czech Hop from the city of Blshany on which base train it is yellow - green . Having rejected all frameworks of decency, Kuban did not begin to stand on ceremony with owners and already the first time has understood with fellow countrymen of trainer Jozhefa Hovanetsa. Two goals of Salnikova have removed a question on the winner. Already the eighth time in inter-season period Kuban good luck has smiled.

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