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With a joke on life

We greet all our authors whom, having won a prize, do not cease to please us with the creativity. The winner of last release Sergey Ivanenko from Krasnodar has thought up an interesting format of signatures - dialogues of heroes of a photo. Here and this time it has sent the whole sketch:

the Question:

- Tell - ka, Fedja who was idea
Behind vodka of Grishku to send?
we here from a cold become blue,
Well and it all not to see.

the Answer:

- Well and what I the geek,
So obshchak all to scroll!
the friends wanted to treat little girls,
Now, likely, will beat painfully...

And more one signature Sergey Ivanenko:

All girlfriends on steams have taken place on a bench,
And I from a grief have got drunk - have sworn with Klavkoj.

readers and in a root of our problems Have looked. Entin Sergey from Krasnodar writes:

have not given the preferential travel card
And consequently has left in hard drinking.
from me you strictly do not collect:
I Wait for the help from sotszashchity!

Or here one more reason for this deep lezhki from Taranenko Vyacheslav from Krasnodar:

Very slowly
transport our lame Goes.
the muzhik a little bit
will have a rest And will go on foot home.

Results of this tour we do not bring, because letters still go. The winner will be declared in following release Jokes .

your signatures we on - former wait to the address: - Kuban and/ I 5163, Krasnodar, 350020 or on the e-mail address: natalia@kpkuban. net. Authors of digital signatures we ask not to forget to fill out the name and the mailing address.