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the Old love kills my family!

who could think that acquisition of new habitation becomes for me such terrible test, - has written in the Keyhole our reader. - and all because the first love of my hubby " has appeared our neigbour;.

I was a vest

I rejoiced as the child when we moved in this huge apartment, - Olga writes. - both area good, and a lay-out excellent, and a view from the window shaking!. And a month later we have met there her is it all has flitted into the lift such it is impossible beautiful. I it did not see earlier, only naslyshana was about it from the husband. But also so has understood that it it - on what eyes he has looked at it. At me inside all has grown cold! It has taken an interest, a leah we live here, and has informed: Means, we neighbours!

Has passed years eight after they have left and since we have got acquainted with it: my husband, enduring separation, left with the friend to be aired - is more correct, to get drunk before piggy squeal and to be forgotten. We with the girl-friend sat in cafe at the next little table. Then they have changed to us... In the evening, being on the last legs, it has taken me home and all road told, what its former girl the stinker - has thrown it without the reason and was going to get married for any money-bag. I want all and at once, and life with you does not promise prospects! - she has told.

it is surprising, but next morning when it was overslept, he has called under number of my phone which I have scratched on a bit of a piece of paper at an entrance, and has invited to appointment. So we began to meet. At first we had only one subject for conversation - it. But then he has ceased to remember it.

I spy for it...

that girl was mistaken. My husband has achieved in life of much. And it after a year of life with rich Buratino was discouraged, has divorced and has returned to Krasnodar. However, not empty-handed - he to it has bought apartment, and money has left. It even has based the business. All it were told by her to my husband when they together went in the lift - we live on the twelfth, and it on the tenth floor. The husband says that anything to it does not test, but I see... And the most terrible, she goes all out to make upon it impression.

I began to watch for its returning to a balcony. Saw that they go often from garages to the house together. A leah specially there meet? I go mad, but I am afraid to tell to it something not to push them to each other. Because of nerves I even had an abortion. The husband was upset. But and has not understood that me disturbs. Says that loves me. But I feel, what it is necessary to do something, but what? To move to other house? So they, if will want, and will see further. To make scandal? Mind I will not put how to be...

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