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To register the car on 450 roubles became cheaper

Now not necessarily to check the criminal past the bought car

New service for drivers (as it was found out, illegal) has appeared in the beginning of August. : who has bought the domestic car (not starshetreh years and driven from other region) iliinomarku, have been obliged to check up documents nanee by means of the device Regula - 7505 . This apparatpokazyval, a leah is got mixed up the car in : suddenly it stolen or on it the criminal drove about? If the driver refused this check, it an iron horse simply did not register. Takojprikaz the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area OlegHotin has signed.

it would Seem, a useful idea. In September etonou - hau the commission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has praised. Still, after all for two months with the help Reguly have found 20 in search of cars with perebityminomerami!
But drivers have not estimated the initiative: proverkaobhodilas it in 450 roubles. Such price ustanovilpredprinimatel, with which Municipal Department of Internal Affairs zakljuchilodogovor.

in the Decision has become interested oblastnajaprokuratura. Also recognised the document illegal: onnarushaet the rights of automobile owners.

on October, 8th Hotinu have taken out representation: ondolzhen to eliminate infringements and to involve guilty kotvetstvennosti.

- the one who does nothing is not mistaken, - zajaviloleg Valentinovich. - We wanted umenshitkolichestvo stealings and motor transport thefts. Probably, it was not pleasant to someone.

In a press - to service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have informed that objazatelnyeproverki cars on Regule have already cancelled. But ljubojzhelajushchy can test the car navshivost voluntary for the same 450 roubles.

In Office of Public Prosecutor say that those who already zaplatileti money compulsorily, can return ihobratno. But only through court.

And how at neighbours?

Kursk traffic police eight years money zabesplatnye services

it takes kind on it the former governor Aleksandrrutsky has given. In 1999 it has published spetsialnoepostanovlenie that it is material to support traffic police. On this disorder only recently obratilavnimanie regional Office of Public Prosecutor. Sledovatelireshili: for some services (for example, snjatiemashiny from the account, storage of the detained cars) GAI officers take money illegally. But to find upravuna inspection it has appeared uneasy...
as soon as the Office of Public Prosecutor has cancelled postanovlenievosmiletnej prescription, regional administratsijaprinjala new - with the same tariffs for the same services. Therefore, despite protests of inspectors to pay requisitions kurjanam it is necessary to the present day. Here for what from them money takes: