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Pugacheva takes away bread from Patricia Kaas?

On hearings, the Prima donna has decided to go to tour tour, having learnt, what the Frenchwoman its former director

carries across Russia Kaas will go on two limousines?

Have waited! On thirteenth of March in sports Palace the Olympus for krasnodartsev will sing mademoiselle Patricia Kaas. Persons of such scale at us yet were not. Therefore - that local organizers of concerts Empire Art - Prodakshn protect all the additional information from journalists. Still, after all to serve a star when its requirements are not located on two tens pages, and in rajdere itself fiendish difficulty, - not a laughing matter. A leaf of requests same Pugachevoj in comparison with kaasovskim - the menu in a cheap snack bar.

- All should pass top-level, - employees of the producer centre speak. - and we believe that and will be.

the Private plane of a star will arrive in the Krasnodar airport from Kiev in day of a concert. Two limousines should approach on a gangway not one, and: one for the singer, another for its confidants.

At a dog of a star - the personal security guard

Will eat the singer, of course, at the French restaurant Balzac . Kitchen Kaas has reserved, certainly, entirely the French. In the menu, except truffles everyone there and fuagr there is such exotic, as snails.

As already wrote Patricia took with itself and the favourite pupil. The doggie Tequila too with pontami at it the place in the plane and the personal security guard. And here for the dog local organizers have refused a cage - is more useless zhivotinu to tyrannise. To live the star guest and its Tequila will be in apartments Intourist .

AB selects spectators at the personal computer?

As we managed to learn from the checked up source, Patricia tour can be impaired a little star scandal. On hearings, Pugacheva who will act in Krasnodar for two days earlier, advances the Frenchwoman on tour fronts . Kaas, for example, only has arrived to Saratov, and Pugacheva has already held here the concert for two days before. And so on on cities and vesjam. And as it is known, not each music fan will pull expensive two concerts for such small time interval. Say, the reason that the former director of the Prima donna Gennady Russo is engaged in tours of the Frenchwoman. A pier, Pugacheva has decided to arrange to it personal vendetta.

Anyway, most likely, from concerts of Kaas it will not affect gathering: tickets from 700 to 6000 roubles on the Frenchwoman leave vlet.


To these Russian cities of Pugacheva has arrived some days before Kaas:

Novosibirsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan.

Where still the Prima donna will outstrip Mademoiselle:

Krasnodar, Rostov, Saratov.