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Light of Sergienko from Sochi has defeated the project You are a supermodel - 2

the Girl has won the contract with modelling agency for the sum of 250 thousand dollars

that sochinka takes part in the project on one of the central channels, we wrote in number from March, 3rd of this year. We will remind once again, in the end of January You are a supermodel - 2 have started to show on TV. Thirteen girls from all Russia have invited to Moscow to the steam-ship the Siskin among them there was also we zemljachka Svetlana Sergienko. Throughout one and a half months of the girl simultaneously enjoyed life and dialogue with the well-known people and tested weight of inconveniences. For example, competing in professional suitability they should be photographed almost bared or under water. And jury each time ruthlessly criticised all successively and eliminated unlucky persons. As a result in the ending there were three konkursantki, including Light. They - that also have continued struggle for a quarter of one million dollars - the sum of the contract with modelling agency which promised to conclude with the winner was that.

Last night, in a female feast, on TV have summed up and have chosen the most worthy. The main prize has got to our Svetlana.

When the jury has named the winner, the beauty was at home, in Sochi. Prepared for a trip: Light now makes out the international passport and the visa in the near future to fly to capital of a world fashion - France. For what term she leaves a native city, the girl and itself yet does not know.

- Perhaps for a year or more. We will look... - she speaks.

Journalists became the first to whom it has told details from the life of supermodel.


the Most terrible - to act in film bared

- If to me have suggested to participate once again in show, - with confidence speaks Light, - that would agree without deliberating. Everything that it was necessary to worry, has done good. I after all have struck up excellent acquaintances.

If it is concrete, during Light show descended in bowling - club with group the Prime minister - the Minister has communicated to Valentine Yudashkin, has visited the master - a class of actor Valery Nikolaeva, has acted in film in mass meeting of a film and in Jeanne Friske`s new clip.

- After returning home native have noticed that I became much more serious, - the girl speaks, - participation in such projects adds life experience.

it is valid, the jury quite often made to Light cry, reproaching that it is too whimsical - a pier, for model it is inexcusable. But we kept zemljachka all the same the good fellow.

Most of all sochinku the first photosession has impressed.

- It was the most shocking, - speaks Light. - It was necessary to act in film almost bared, after it it was not so terrible. To the contrary, it would be desirable to be photographed more, even in spite of the fact that constantly there were no visagistes.

About JURY And the LEADER

Bondarchuk - very haughty person

About director Feodor Bondarchuk conducting show, the girl still had not the best memoirs.

- Actually it very haughty person, - shares the impressions beginning model.

From Feodor to it has indeed got - he constantly reproached our beauty that it misspells words . And here Oksana Fedorova, infamous eks - Miss Universe which was a part of jury, Light very much it was pleasant:

- It always protected us. Probably, because itself has visited the same skin, as we.


As will be further, I do not know...

According to Svetlana, all girlfriends are madly glad to its success. And there will be here is how relations at it with its guy? Alexey, young man Svety, lives in Sochi and works in militia. Once it came on show to visit the favourite. And spectators should notice, how the girl to this unexpected visit rejoiced.

- Also what now? You after all leave and, probably, for a long time?. - we have asked Svety.

- I should build the life. As at us will be further, I do not know, - the girl has uncertainly responded.