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Duel of two ten

Krasnodarets Andrey Topchu and piterets Andrey Arshavin - the main weapon in opposition of the Czech trainers

in Krasnodar becomes Already clear tomorrow, who will continue struggle for the Cup of Russia - Kuban or Petersburg Zenith . We will remind that last week our command has resisted under the impact of club Vlastimila Petrzhely, by the way, the friend of the helmsman Kuban Jozhefa Hovanetsa.

Football players from coast of Neva are now in perfect mood. Judge, Zenith at itself on Petrovsky has excellent beaten Moscow the Dynamo 4:0. And now waits will not wait punishments over Kuban .

But also it is yellow - green whipping boys you will not name. As - in any way in the gate in the field of the rival have not passed, and tactical training after ward of the trainer - a Czech has increased. Well also that that all command in defence, but gate dry. It is However, remembered, Jozhef Hovanets promised to play entertainment football. Basically, will look on what, Kuban now looks strong, though as a part of beginners - time, two and obchelsja.

Andrey Arshavin attacking

of 23 years
Weight - 69 kg.
growth - 172 see
Plays for Russian national team.

Andrey Topchu, the shock halfback

25 years
Weight - 77 kg.
growth - 181 see
For Russian national team did not play.


with Hovanets in butter

It seems that to gift the commander Kuban on the eve of a match becomes tradition. In Petersburg Hovanetsu have presented, as it has appeared, happy sharfik. This time the group of fans presented it a picture of own manufacture, on which Jozhef is represented by butter on a canvas.

By the way, Hovanets is assured that the match in Krasnodar will be much more difficult, than in Petersburg. So gifts bringing good luck to it will not prevent.