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Wedding dress Volochkovoj embroider crystals of Svarovski

the Fashion designer Elena Morozova has told about how in Krasnodar there is a preparation for star matrimony

Already for anybody not a secret that the well-known ballerina has become engaged to Igor Vdovin, the doctor of jurisprudence, the professor, the chairman of the board National agency of direct investments .

And as it is known, betrothing is followed also by wedding. Therefore - that right after the next performance in the regional centre where Anastas has shown to fans of ballet the new program Short stories about love the actress has arranged primerku a wedding dress (we wrote about it in to the fatty for March, 10th). The fashion designer known on Kuban Elena Morozova works on the dress.

Nastja told about life and cried...

- Girlfriends we had not time to become yet, - admitted Elena Borisovna, to whom we were converted to receive particulars about the order of Nasti, - but it is possible to tell that became good partners. The first meeting with Anastasiej lasted about an hour, she to me has told almost about all life, on a broader scale, conversation was very warm and sincere, during any moment of Nastja even has begun to cry. And when she has shared with me that soon plans to marry, I have suggested to present to it on wedding a dress.

Elena Morozova: - Oh, Nastja, in this dress any groom will not resist you!

... And has then trusted in Elena

As the ballerina speaks, it will walk wedding in three expensive to heart cities: Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Krasnodar. In each city it will have the different dresses, only five, two of which - in them the bride and will shine in Krasnodar - Elena Morozova sews.

- More recently, - the fashion designer speaks, - was primerka the first, and the second dress is just cut. Dresses very expensive, from the French lacy cloth on a grid sewed by a thread from silver of the higher test. All is embroidered manually by crystals of Svarovski, rock crystal, pastes. It is very laborious work, the present glamour and kutjur.

As the client the well-known ballerina absolutely nepriveredliva also has completely trusted in hands of the Krasnodar fashion designer, and Morozova of pleasure about it does not hide.

the Unique problem that Nastja is very occupied, therefore primerki constantly it is necessary to postpone, here and on second Volochkova waits on a visit for our fashion designer in capital.

First dresses should be ready by March, 27th, but then a young pair all has changed and now to tell, when all - taki will take place a celebration, nobody can.


In 1892 Daniel Svarovski has invented revolutionary the then the car with which help there is possible an industrial processing of crystal jeweller stones. In three years company Svarovski in the city of Vattense (Austria) has been based, and in 1913 the factory on preparation of raw materials of the first-rate quality for manufacture of crystals, and also their processing opens.

Till today Svarovski takes in the lead positions in the market of ornaments and accessories. And according to the Worldnet, cost of stones of Svarovski fluctuates to several hundreds euro for one and a half thousand crystals.

the CALL to the TONIC

About my pregnancy know everything, except us with Igor

Having learnt about future event, we have called Anastass:

- Yes, Elena Morozova has initiated to name a collection in I wash honour that to me, naturally, very pleasantly. I will tell fairly, I have accepted this news with pleasure.

- Nastja, where exactly you will play wedding in Krasnodar?

- We with Igor, unfortunately, yet have not defined neither a place, nor time of carrying out of actions.

- That you will do with dresses after wedding?

- Their destiny becomes known only after the celebration will take place.

- It is rumored that you wait for the child?

- it is surprising! Represent, about this news know everything, except us with Igor.

- Tell, the declared April performances in Krasnodar will not cancel? After all at you, as far as we know, record of telecasts is appointed to this time.

- We work over that it does not happen.



From the ballerina - in model

that Nastja is going to train for a new profession in the near future in TV presenters of a program cycle about Norway, in mass-media it was already informed. But that besides it she intends to work as model, became for all news. Krasnodar baletomany the first can observe, how their favourite will walk on a podium in an environment of other models.

- After I have visited at its concert, - Elena Morozova has shared with us, - it seemed to me that it will perfectly cope with model work, at it and parametres approaching: 90 - 60 - 90. I have offered it participation in the project, we carried on negotiations, and it has accepted the offer.

On a podium of Volochkova leaves in the autumn on presentation of a new collection Fashion PA which is sewed specially under the ballerina. Nastja will show clothes Morozovoj in the company with twelve other models which casting will pass very soon.

the Main criterion of selection, certainly, growth, it should not exceed 172 sm that Nastja did not look absolutely small against high maidens.

For this display 36 dresses, and for Anastass - at least ten are sewed.

Meanwhile it is precisely known that the ballerina will defile on podiums of three cities of Russia is Krasnodar, Moscow and Sochi. And with representatives of two more countries negotiations are now carried on.