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The teenager from Chamlyksky has shot the friend... Under its request

the Malicious joke of destiny: the killed fellow wanted to become the sniper

Will arrive Fast and I bats - also will revive!

About this ridiculous and a terrible story all village Chamlyksky that in Labinsk area rustles. Only and conversations: it it was necessary such to occur, after all boys so were on friendly terms...

Two Seregi, speaking language of the inspectors, suffered and accused, many years really were on friendly terms. Lived in the neighbourhood, went to one school on a hillock, yes it and on a broader scale one all around. The age difference in one year was not felt. 14 - summer Sergey N, in whose hands there was an ill-starred gun, and nowadays the dead 15 - summer Sergey K all time was spent together.

- At us almost boys every evening gathered, - the father accused Oleg Deprovich has told to us. - My Sergey with the big brother the whole month grazed collective-farm flock in the summer. Have earned almost seven thousand roubles. Have bought the tape recorder. Here round it the youth also stayed, in draughts played, in maps... Dead Serezha mine also did not leave at all. As we will glance, sit on a floor, laugh or struggle for fun...

that ill-starred evening on February, 25th houses nobody has appeared. Parents and two brothers Sergey (which accused) have left on the next street to celebrate commemoration for the grandmother. On an economy there was Serezha. The friend, other Sergey has dropped in To it, as usual, where - that at half past six evenings. Having approached to a companion, it has unclenched a fist and has shown a cartridge from a fowling piece:

- Look that has brought! Give we will be kidding. A cartridge single. You of type will shoot me. I will fall. You will call Fast . I will lie, and when the doctor will approach, I bats - and will revive!

From words of the class teacher accused, Sergey N, Galina Cherevko: it has a twin-brother. It is more senior, more vigorously, more strongly. The leader. As it also happens, younger Serezha has appeared more silent, quiet. It conducted...

Perhaps for this reason Sergey, without having reflected, has supported idea of the friend and without objections has gone to the house behind a gun of big brother Maxim, the inveterate hunter. That to us has told:

- the Brother was not able to be converted with a gun. It old, even the ancient. It it is necessary at first to collect and then a cartridge to insert, and it as it was found out, has made all to the contrary. The gun should blow up in his hands. That it has not occurred, - is simple a miracle. And that, what`s happened in a court yard of our house further, - horror...

the Victim has departed on five metres, became semiside, almost a back.

the Friend has directed on it a gun and has shot. The guy as - that has naturally fallen to asphalt and has moaned. Having jumped up to the friend, Sergey has understood not at once that has occurred. It was dark. But when has seen blood, has understood that the cartridge was not single...

- Accused has tried to help a companion, - the senior inspector of Labinsk interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor Maxim Pilipenko has told. - It has dragged the wounded man to a house porch, is closer to light, has enclosed a pillow and has rushed to call to phone in Fast . In a state of shock not at once could dial number. Neighbours have helped. They have called also to parents on cellular, tried to make artificial breath to Sergey.

- Yes if Fast has arrived at once, instead of in 45 minutes! - with a pain in a voice Oleg Deprovich is indignant. - it in lungs had a blood. If in time have connected the guy to oxygen... But, when doctors have appeared, it was already dead.

- On the conclusion of judicial medical experts, - the assistant to the public prosecutor Maxim Devjatkin has explained, - the death has come from a hemorrhage in the right lung. Three pellets there have got. One - in a neck, two - hardly more low. A leah

Is life after death. The friend

the Family of the shot guy on contact to journalists has not gone. It and is clear, such grief. After death of Serezhi of parents his younger brother and elder sister support. With a family of shot friend Sergey N they are not going to arrange judicial, and other trials. Have believed that there was an accident.

We managed to communicate to the accused. The guy have found in school at lessons. Teachers unanimously became on its protection. A pier, we will not tell anything, and you it do not touch. The teenager has worried so much, and more so much he should worry!.

After the happened Sergey have taken away almost for a week in a temporary detention facility - a cellar speaking language of local residents. Have then let out under a subscription about nevyezde. The taken place court has decided to consider case once again after psihologo - psychiatric examination on which soon accused will carry to Krasnodar. There will check up, a leah the teenager to lie is inclined, a leah corresponds its development I will increase and etc. But as prosecutors speak, they are inclined to believe the guy. Most likely, it really was accident. As Sergey N some times gave evidences and was not confused in answers, besides at it positive characteristics from school, a safe family.

For now Sergey goes to school, in the 9 .

Schoolmates concern it very tactfully.

- It love in a class, - Galina Vladimirovna has told its class teacher. - Little girls secrets trust. Victim Serezhenku from a next world not to return, and to it still to live as - that...

as relatives accused have told, the guy wanted to enter unique in the country military college near Kursk which lets out devices for helicopters. A leah Will be possible to it to make it now and how on a broader scale there will be his life?.

- And whom thy friend wanted to become? - On school change I have asked Sergey, low lopouhogo the fellow with sad eyes.

He has kept silent, has then responded: - the Sniper...


the Public prosecutor of Labinsk interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor Evgenie Bazlov:
it is possible, we will close this business

For the second day after tragedy on Sergey N have got criminal case under article 105, a part 1: the Premeditated murder .

- But, most likely, we retrain this article in another, in 109, a part 1: death Causing on imprudence . Under this article pass from 16 years. Accused while 14. Therefore, probably, we will close this business. In that case the guy remains on freedom, it will not have a previous conviction.