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How to improve a bearing to the child

About it to readers Olga BUJANOVA

has told the trainer on rhythmic gymnastics Before your child will start to carry out following exercises, it should 5 - 10 minutes necessarily to pay attention to warm-up to warm up muscles and to pull sheaves.


we Wrap a backbone in a corset

- the backbone Curvature is observed at children after the first academic year. Only 5 % of children have equal backs. Therefore to be engaged with the child on pumping of muscles of a back it is necessary from 4 years, and it is better since the birth. Children should come to school with steady muscles, - Olga Bujanova advises. - That there was no backbone curvature, it is necessary to wrap up it in a muscular corset. It is created at certain loading on back muscles. The more various movements, the there are more than muscles you will mention and by that the corset will be ustojchivee. And exercises should be not only on a back but also on a press. Alternate loading. If you have done exercise, bending back the following your exercise will be with a deflection forward. Also alternate loading on lateral muscles: have made on the right, then at the left. Thus gradually increase approaches.
to check up, a leah is at your child a backbone curvature, it is possible. The back should be a straight line, shoulders and shovels to settle down at one level. At an inclination forward a backbone equal, tazovye bones are symmetric. If you have found out a curvature in your child, write down it on physiotherapy exercises, change a portfolio for a backpack and if necessary buy a special corset.
exercises carried out the candidate for the master of sports, the champion of the Irkutsk region of Darya DMITRIEV.

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