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In Soviet Union it was possible to receive all for love!

tomorrow Day sacred Valentine, day of the enamoured. Such date in the USSR nobody marked, a feast new. But followers at sacred Valentine in those days was much more, than now. In the USSR for officially registered love the heap of privileges relied. Having got to the core simple “ courses “ the citizens, the state even has invented special article in the Criminal code, punishing for fictitious marriage. And citizens broke REGISTRY OFFICES. A treasured stamp in the passport students, young experts and leaders of all manufactures thirsted. People could be understood! The country was overflowed by a wave of marriages and divorces. False and present. The last, of course, was more. So, here some reasons on which in the USSR often married.

1. To buy a vodka box

Kuchkujushchiesja students in the developed socialism (was such at the time of L. And. Brezhnev) and after seriously thought, with whom to go to be combined. As a rule, guys in “ to firm “ agitated very young first-year students. No to marry “ actually “ in this case nobody gathered. Were going to buy gedeerovsky a suit, the Yugoslavian boots for the groom and import Polish “ lodochki “ for the bride. These pleasures of life could be got in salon for newly married if you will bring the inquiry from the REGISTRY OFFICE. Besides, the campaign in the REGISTRY OFFICE promised an inconceivable status in the form of rings wedding and a vodka box on wedding. In the end of 80 - h when the alcohol stood out under coupons at the rate of a floor - on the citizen 21 years are more senior once a month litre of vodka and wine, it was still that currency!
- the vodka bottle under the coupon in shop went in the end of 80 - h for 10 roubles of 50 copecks, - remember the skilled. - the same bottle bought from the taxi driver, managed to the sufferer in 25 - 30 roubles, the fifth part of the average salary! It was huge money. Now the average salary in Irkutsk about 10 thousand. Also what you would tell, giving for a bottle usual vodjary on two pieces? And then a campaign “ behind a headlight “ with classical gesture - braked the car, having taken aside index and big fingers, - was a commonplace and for students.
therefore a stream pseudo-combined was not to stop. And on alkogolno - the wedding capital the first sharks of the future capitalism have risen.

2. Not to go in village

- Means, so! - the curator of a course has said on September, 1st to us flaming speech. - I know that you here all consider yourselves as geniuses of a verse and talents of journalism. Anything, it will pass. Also will go all of you to regional newspapers of the Irkutsk region. And Krasnoyarsk region. At us on a broader scale distribution across all Siberia. But on Irkutsk and other big cities at all do not count. In “ Molodezhku “ one graduate from a course can get unless - and that is good. Have chance to remain in a city only inhabitants of Irkutsk. Exception - girls who will manage to marry to 5 - mu to a course for local.
to manage to jump out for local or to marry on irkutjanke and to avoid the three-year link with “ a disfranchisement “ in village (well for 3 years there will be a rural husband and children, will have no time for career and star plans), it was required to show remarkable skill and resource. Fictitious marriage for the big money and a desired Irkutsk residence permit is there was most fair of possible ways. In all other cases it was a question already of an impudent deceit of the future half and the destroyed destinies.
fortunately, for local at us anybody in marriage did not leave, but almost all remained in Irkutsk. The solution is simple - the Union has failed, and together with it severe everyday necessity urgently has disappeared to jump out in marriage. Distributions to 3 years in village any more were not.

3. To celebrate house warming

the Registered love in the USSR it was remunerated generously. The family of young experts had every chance to receive apartment. Especially on manufacture where these apartments actively gave. And a family with the child - especially.
- to us gave apartment in one and a half year after wedding, - remembers Inna ZOLOTOV. - and to graduates of institute - that at once!
And if in Irkutsk it was necessary to wait a living space in cities gave practically at once less. In the separate line went combined komsomolsko - youth wedding in 1986. There was a violent struggle against alcoholism. For the nonalcoholic it is exemplary - indicative weddings immediately handed over to a newly-married couple keys from malosemeek. Young walked wedding twice. Once indicative - for visitors, speeches and congratulations on gifts. Later for itself - with a habitual feast.
under nonalcoholic wedding in 1986 - the m has got my big brother Sasha. To refuse commemoratings “ as it is necessary “ the member of the Komsomol and the son of the deputy director of huge industrial complex could not. Who then on a broader scale on it has agreed? Therefore shouts “ bitterly “ both visitors, and owners washed down with juice and lemonade “ Buratino “. Not to tell, that the feast has resulted young and their friends in especial delight. Quickly enough they have curtailed indicative wedding celebrations. Also have left “ to be a partisan “.
the Abrupt variant for improvement of living conditions was given not by wedding, and to the contrary - divorce. Divorce gave the chance to dissolve officially the state on one more apartment.
- for example that my aunt has thought up, - Ekaterina Samatova remembers irkutjanka. - Though idea, probably, not it. The apartment at them with the husband was one-room, children two. So they took and have divorced! And where to the lonely man to move, not on street! In apartment - mother with two children, their law protects, it is impossible to exchange. Here he also has started to live on friends. Have soon made room in a hostel, and then and a room. And in some months they again are registered... Also exchange a room and apartment on two-room, the improved lay-out!

4. To promote

to make good career, the Soviet expert should respond weight of requirements. The main thing - to be in party or VLKSM. In - the second to have stable marital status, thus to be in marriage with a correct nominee. And in the first and unique time. Then it was considered as the certificate of moral stability. And actually was the obvious certificate of how much the person is capable to behave in hands, to subordinate the life and all house one purpose. That, probably, important.
before distribution to responsible work the young expert has been simply obliged to be combined by a legal marriage with the girl of a worthy origin. Unessentially from a family with position and money though it strongly contributed. But it is obligatory, that at questionnaire filling in all its points about half and its immediate families where all brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and grandmothers joined, there were no compromising points like a previous conviction or relatives abroad. And there was, to the contrary, data about significant representatives of a surname.
the data, by itself, was checked. Therefore love in the form of a family with a suitable candidacy was in the real way to promote. nepodhodjashche married from a holder were thrown out. Unmarried in vain for years the chance too could wait.
if who came across on “ to amoral behaviour “ punishment followed immediately. The offended spouse (spouse) scribbled the complaint in Communist Party committee and demanded to understand. Under the threat of career breakage unlucky izmenshchik came back in a family bosom. Therefore among party, especially on high posts, divorces was a little.
And still... Cεμόθ in Soviet period were stronger, chorus inhabitants of Irkutsk 40 speak and is more senior years. Civil marriages were not a rule, and an exception. And a song about “ a wedding ring, not idle time ukrashene “ was considered as a hit of ten years!


wedding " How much cost; as at people “ in 1979

(counting on 70 persons)

the Dress to the bride - 100 - 300 rbl.
the Veil - 25 rbl.
Shoes to the bride - 50 rbl.
the Suit to the groom - 40 - 60 rbl.
Shoes to it - 20 rbl.
the Shirt - 10 rbl.
2 “ big-bellied “ wedding rings on 2 grammes - 160 rbl.
(then in the REGISTRY OFFICE young returned money for rings)
40 bottles of vodka on 3 rbl. 60 copeck
2 boxes of champagne on 3 rbl. for a bottle.
3 boxes “ good “ the Bulgarian wine on 2 rbl.
cafe or dining room Payment - to 500 rbl.
Color photos - 8 rbl./ a pack.
the state duty - 0 rbl.
(the State duty on divorce - 100 rbl.)

car Hire “ Victory “ or “ the Seagull “ with a doll on a cowl - 100 rbl. for 3 hours, and that on the big protection. *

*Οξ to a legend, this “ the Seagull “ remained in Irkutsk after Fidel Castro`s arrival in 1965.

IN TOTAL around 2000 rbl. - about 20 average salaries.