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Near Usolye open new factory

In Usolsky area the big revival. For the first time for many years from the moment of disorder of the USSR in the Irkutsk region build new large factory. Will repair Here cars. And promise to erect it rapidly.
- in March near to settlement Tajturki, in 20 kilometres from Usolye, the big building will begin, - the assistant to the mayor of Usolsky area Yury of BREAKERS speaks. - and already in the end of the year the first repaired car should go to customers.
the car-repair factory in Tajturke starts to build large Russian holding the New trance . It is supposed that will repair here cars of manufacture of the Barnaul car-building factory.
- by the winter we will provide with work of 500 persons, and in the long term - two - or three-replaceable manufacture, - are told by Yury Buranov.
inhabitants of Tajturki, retired military pilots from settlement of the Average and usolchane will work basically.
- the Enterprises of Usolye have already begun to worry that from them qualified workers will leave, after all payment at factory will be decent, - Yury of BREAKERS tells.
at the new enterprise plan to repair on 5 thousand and more cars annually.