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Parents have brought an action against the child

very rare litigation will begin in Irkutsk on February, 15th - parents have legal proceedings with the child. The boy adopted at three-year age, any more does not want to live with receptions mum and the father.
10 years ago the family of Fedotovyh has decided to adopt the boy. Two children have already grown, therefore have decided to take the third child from children`s home.

you the best mum!

- Eugene very much would like one more child, - the family head, Konstantin is told. - we long thought and have decided to adopt the boy.
process of official registration of papers was tightened - the unbounded commissions, checks and other red tape have fairly pulled about to spouses nerves. But mum Irina says that she so wanted this child that was ready to overcome any difficulties. So 3 - summer Vanechka has got to seven Fedotovyh.
the Adoptive kid has appeared sharp and tender. The husband with the wife could not on it naradovatsja, every day became attached to the younger son more and more. All did together - worked in the summer on a summer residence, went to have a rest. Vanechka gradually got used to new parents and the house. Irina remembers, how in the second class the son has brought the paper basket made the hands with colours, has embraced Irina hands and has whispered on an ear:
- You at me the best mummy on light!
such gifts and surprises at Iry set. She says that Vanja was very attentive child, felt sorry homeless kittens and padded pigeons - all dragged home.
- He could sit hours at me in a lap, having embraced. And very often spoke to me as he loves me as miss when I on work. Kissed all time.

kind neighbours

Happy home life so would proceed, do not interfere neighbours. With Kravchenko Fedotovy`s family were on friendly terms, visited to each other. And have then quarrelled. Also became almost enemies. Spouses Kravchenko, wishing to revenge this Fedotovym it is simple so Vane, between times, have told:
- That, home you run? Well run, run... Mamka with a folder - that at you nonnative, from children`s home you took!
the boy who then was 9 years old, has believed at once. At first simply cried also wanted to speak nothing to mother. And then as though the evil spirit in it was installed. Has started to escape from the house, to be insolent, rude house, has thrown study and sports section. Before the guy brought home the five and the four. And now for days on end vanished in the street, many times did not spend the night at home, tried to offend in every possible way adoptive parents and the sister with the brother. Also demanded to return it in children`s home.
Fedotovy did not know what to do. Shocked with an event, they tried to explain to the son that the parent not the one who has given birth, and the one who has nurtured.
- well let we not native to you by birth, but you after all all the same our most favourite child, - tried to inspire Irina Vanechke. Also explained that waits for the boy in children`s home if it there returns.
Vanja and did not want to listen. Repeated the: Is better you would leave me in children`s home .

I do not want to live with you

- Who thought that Vanechka learns all at such age. It still absolutely the child! - Irina cries. - to whom it was necessary, I do not understand. Now all our life is similar to a nightmare - the son us does not recognise, says that strangers we to it and native never were. A fourth year goes mad, any lost. To school does not want to go, refuses to help at home, to each request responds roughness. Now here from the house began to escape, can not come weeks. Unless it is normal life? That will be further - I do not know.
the owner of family is black as thundercloud and to make comments on something refuses. Irina says that were converted both to psychologists, and to psychotherapists. But Vanja ignores any attempts of parents to it to help. Defined the boy in the rehabilitation centre for children and teenagers, sent the son in children`s camp of the Cossack army that in Usolye - Siberian in the summer. It is useless. The teenager did not find contact neither to children, nor to teachers, escaped from everywhere. Kostja with Irina already trespass on the genes descended from biological parents. After all Fedotovy nurtured the child in love and the consent, punished very seldom, tried to enclose in it as much as possible good and kind, accustomed to independence.
in the end of the last year Vanja has declared to parents that he any more does not want to live in a family of Fedotovyh. Irina says that the situation was at a deadlock and demands any decision. But to begin at will of the boy registration procedure in children`s home, Fedotovy have simply been urged to bring an action. The wild situation has turned out: they are claimants, and Vanja - the respondent.

an exit - cadet school?

While process on adoption cancellation prepares, the teenager because of deep depression is in hospital. He feels so badly that at the first session of court will not be present. At Ivan different processes which sometimes happen at children in the teenage period, - age - that heavy have started to develop!
neigbours who has told Vane secret of adoption, already are not present in the live. One careless word, without having thought, it has broken life at once to three people. Do not learn Vanjushka of the secret, the boy would be healthy and happy. Would arrive where - nibud, would be learnt, has got a job, married and narozhal grandsons to the adoptive parents... And now that for it waits? Hospital and children`s home?
Fedotovy are exhausted by long-term negotiations with the son, the father has received physical inability - from - for experiences old illness of vessels has become aggravated. But receptions mother and the father still do not lose hope to adjust relations with Vanej and to arrange its destiny. Parents hope that when Ivan will grow, he will understand that the main thing in human life, it when it love and understand.
- I know that Vanja loves all of us, - the adoptive sister of the boy Olga speaks.
- we want to arrange after court Vanyusha in cadet school, and on days off to take away it home, - Irina tells. - then he though will grow in normal conditions. I want, that he knew: we always loved also it we will love, despite of everything.


We wait, when Vanja will return to school!

class teacher Vani (a name for the clear reasons we can not specify):

- Vanja well studied, there was no yet this failure. Especially well made progress in the literature. And with children converged easily. All of us with impatience wait, when it will return to school from hospital.

Lyudmila GORELOV.