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From Irkutsk will start up a new train to Mongolia and China

      the New route through Mongolia to China was planned by railwaymen. Promise that in May on it the first travellers can already drive. A train there will pass on the Mongolian earth, an ending point - Huh - Hoto, a city in the Chinese Inner Mongolia. So for business trips to China it not too approaches. And here for tourists - just right. It is considered to be Mongolia one of the points of globe most closed and inaccessible to the mass tourist.
      - therefore this route is considered unique, - employees tell a press - services VSZHD. - Tourists can get acquainted in comfortable conditions with a life of Mongols.
      the new car will follow on a route Irkutsk - Huh - Hoto through the Uhlan - Bator. It begin to fasten to passing trains.
      - This flight people who want to travel across Mongolia, it first of all foreigners can use. During a way the train will stop for survey of local sights, acquaintance to culture of this exotic country for Europeans, carrying out of ethnic concerts, - the chief of department on international contacts VSZHD Svetlana KREMLJAKOVA speaks. - the technical moments, a route and time in ways, and also ticket cost are now specified.
      - inhabitants of Irkutsk to Mongolia go a little, - the manager of travel company " speaks; Kimlan Julia SCHERBAK. - if we had an additional Irkutsk car on a train Moscow - Beijing for a summer season - it would be more claimed. The same car, by the way, it is possible and on the Uhlan - Bator to send.