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Irkutsk alternativshchiki will extinguish forest fires

      Since April, 1st spring conscription has begun. One of innovations of new invocatory campaign is a real possibility to pass alternative civil service. In the beginning of March the Ministry of Labour has confirmed the list of the organisations where passage of alternative service is provided.
      as has informed the chief of department sotszashchity Department of federal civil service of employment across the Irkutsk region Ivan Sadchikov, this list has started to be formed long before invocatory campaign. Originally places for passage of such service have given four enterprises of area. Demands have been directed for the coordination to the Ministry of Labour, but there have confirmed the unique organisation in Angarski Krai where it is possible to draw alternative duty. It is Irkutsk base of aviation forest conservation.
      We have contacted air base to specify, how much there are ready to accept in the numbers of recruits.
      - we prosecute this subjects, - the chief of Irkutsk base of aviation forest conservation Nikolay Ljubutsin speaks. - But it is not known, where will take place alternativshchiki who will finance them, besides, behind execution of their service it is necessary to organise control. Who it will be engaged in all, is not clear yet. One of these days I have sent inquiry to Moscow that there have cleared up a situation. We will receive the answer next week. It is necessary to remember also specificity of work of air base, after all it is connected with flights. Far not each person even if it has passed medical - the invocatory commission, can pass also medical - the flight commission. Requirements to a state of health at us more strict. Other moment - we are engaged in suppression of forest fires, that is work at us seasonal. Than will be engaged alternativshchiki in the winter?
      So before we will employ recruits, it is necessary to solve all organizational questions. The law have accepted, and the mechanism of its execution is not fulfilled yet.

      the COMMENT of the EXPERT

      the Military commissioner of the Irkutsk region Vasily Sundarev:

      - Young men have the right to put in the statement in a military commissariat where consist on the military account, about replacement of a military call-up liability with alternative public service. Terms of giving of statements: till April, 1st - from citizens who should be called in army in October - December of current year; till October, 1st - from those who should be called in April - July of next year. For today in the Irkutsk region demands for passage of alternative service have submitted 75 persons.