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Last day of Murata Nasyrov

the Correspondent has restored on hours that occurred to the singer on the eve of its suicide. Also has come to a conclusion that the tragedy should happen sooner or later

As already wrote, medical examination has shown absence in blood of the known singer Nasyrov who has committed suicide, both drugs, and alcohol. Now, when we know that at all drugs have pushed Murata from a balcony in fatal evening on January, 19th, there is a reasonable question: but what then?

Thursday, evening, on the eve of  destruction

- Some days before  destruction he has called me and has asked, will cost how much at my restaurant to celebrate wedding and how much the person it will be possible to place there, - the friend of the singer, its fellow countryman and the owner of restaurant Dzhurad Zakirov tells. - I have responded that the person 150 it will be possible. Also I ask: “ And what, someone from thy friends marries? “ he speaks: “ No, I “. “ How, - I speak, - you have become crazy, to live so much years with the wife, two children?! “ and he laughs: “ So it is mine with Natasha wedding! We are not painted till now “. The thought on wedding comes to Nasyrov after he has written the “ wedding “ a song. Some times Zakirov asks it about wedding date, the singer responds that was not defined yet. And only on Thursday evening Nasyrov declares at last date: on March, 21st, Uigur New year.

Friday, 8. 00

to Tell that it has not slept, not to tell anything. He again did not sleep. He does not sleep already almost week because the moment which he so long waited at last has come: a birth of a new song. Ballads about wedding and about love. It twists a demo - the version on one hundred times for a day.
- he was ill this song, - one of Nasyrov`s friends speaks.
however, the sleeplessness reason was not only a creative fever. This night in the sleep he again saw to the Bug. (Baghlan Sadvakasov, the guitarist of group “ And - Studio “ close friend Murata, has broken by the car in August 2006 - go).
Exhausted by a sleeplessness and strange dreams, Nasyrov goes on station to meet a family.
Natasha and Murat have lived together 15 years, at them two children - beauty Lija (10 years) and son Akim (6 years). For all this time Natalia and has disagreed to become the lawful wife of the singer though knew how worries from - for it Nasyrov.

9. 00, on the way to station

On Friday morning, going to meet the wife, happy Nasyrov calls to the friend and the former producer Armand Davletjarovu with whom did not communicate about one month. Calls, probably to invite him to the wedding which date it it is unexpected for itself declared last night.
but Davletjarov (the call is fixed between 8 and 9 o`clock in the morning) still sleeps. Having woken up, he for the first time for many years sees a call on the phone: “ Nasyrov “.
- Earlier Murat always blocked definition of number, and when he called, always on the display was highlighted “ Number is coded “. And here he has obviously wanted, that I have seen that it he calls. I began it to call back nearby 10. 00, but the subscriber was inaccessible.

nearby 9. 30, station

Meeting the wife, Nasyrov is excited. He as if has fallen in love with it anew - and it after stolkih years of home life. They sit down in brand new “ Lexus “ also go home.

10. 00, in the car

Davletjarov unsuccessfully tries to phone to Nasyrov, without knowing that that in a rage attack has broken the mobile phone.
“ it has thrown out it directly from a car window “ - the mother-in-law will unintentionally mention. Has it does without saying happened in the car, its witnesses know only. About this incident relatives will be silent subsequently …

At about noon

But the fact remains: Having brought a family home, the singer not for long will stay there. After separation from children and from the wife to which he has devoted just written song, Nasyrov does not remain with them, and leaves in restaurant Bellezza belonging to its fellow countryman Dzhuradu. Here since morning and till the late evening it will spend last day the life.

restaurant Bellezza, a dinner

- Murat has arrived here about 10 mornings, I did not know about it, worked at office on the second floor. It has come, has taken away a part of the tools, has brought a family and has returned. When I have gone down to have dinner is was about three, - at restaurant its music played. I was surprised, I ask children, whence this song at them. They speak: “ Murat here, he has asked to put “. It has sat down by clients, has treated with their wine and asked, a leah is pleasant to them a song. I have asked to call him, we had together dinner. For tomorrow, on Saturday, at us action was planned, we the Uigur company wanted to note New year because together so never and have not gathered in feasts. He at me some times called to the son and asked: “ Akimchik, you remember, what tomorrow we go on a visit? “ at dinner he suddenly has sharply told: “ Everything, Dzhurad, I more never will begin to act at restaurants. I can not any more. Now I will sing only on the big scene! “

14. 20, an unexpected call to widow Sadvakasova

In 14. 20 the call mobile at Jeanne Saulanovoj, widow Bagi Sadvakasova is distributed. On the display it is highlighted “ Natasha “. “ to Alla “ - Saulanova responds and hears Nasyrov`s voice:

- Jeanne, I should meet today you. Please, throw all and urgently come! I on Red Presne, at restaurant Bellezza. I wait for you!
- certainly, Murik, soon I will arrive.
the speaking on the phone Nasyrov has been excited and the address has not told at all. Saulanova long on hearing selected on the Internet the institution name while at last has not hit the nail.
- Murik has been surrounded any not by people familiar to me whom he named the “ friends “. Then we have passed in the VIP - an office, and us have left together. He began to tell about that again saw at the night to the Bug. He has been very upset, asked: “ Well why it so badly dreams me, and? To it it is bad, dark, as if it in any cellar, and asks to help it. Calls me. I do not understand that it. You will not believe, I on a broader scale have ceased to sleep. As I was tired … “
Saulanova and Nasyrov talked not less than two hours. He paternal - that any more did not speak about wedding, and only remembered the friend. “ we cried, calming each other “ - widow Sadvakasova admits.
- They were so close? - I am interested.
- about that you! - Saulanova throws up the hands. - They the friend without the friend of day could not live. Between them there was any outer-space communication. On tours, for example, falls ill the Bug, and there and then Murat calls: “ With Bagoj it`s OK? At me any presentiments “. Hours spoke by phone, SMS each other constantly wrote. When Bug was lost, Murat has strongly broken.

nearby 18. 00

Nasyrov is very upset. At this time Davletjarov dials to Jeanne at last and says that cannot find Nasyrov in any way.
he has asked: “ You do not know, a leah happens that? He called to me in the morning, and now all the day long the subscriber is inaccessible. Strange … “
Saulanova: “ Murik houses, nearby, very well, we met Natasha, and I have taken it home “. Nasyrov sits near to Saulanovoj, but it in such dejectedness that cannot speak with the friend.

nearby 21. 00

all the day long Murat behaves strange. It that is madly stifled, enthusiastically - is joyful. Since the morning, sitting at restaurant and listening to the music, he calls to people whom for a long time did not see. Home it obviously does not hurry. And suddenly, is closer to 21. 00, Nasyrov sharply gathers home.
- It began to gather home, having told that now makes a declaration of love to Natasha that he so seldom spoke to it about how he loves it, - Zakirov remembers.
the a bit strange behaviour of the musician, tear, agitation, probably, are noticed by an environment.
- I have suggested it not to get into the car, and to go home together with my driver. He has drunk a few white wine, very little, - Bagirov underlines. - He has agreed at once, took the favourite guitar. The driver has taken it, has helped to rise to a door. Has called, the door was opened by the mother-in-law.
the people seeing the singer by last, say that it was not drunk, but paternal - that dissuade it to get into the car and “ Help to rise “. And it after a white wine glass. Probably, Nasyrov already felt not very well.

22. 00 and later

It hurried to make a declaration of love to the wife, but it does not appear at home. Pressure which grew during the day, amplifies. Illness comes into the own. To it again come think that life has not taken place. It and will not return on a scene (37 years, it are time and to sum up), its talent is necessary to nobody, it and does not become the lawful husband of the woman which loved.
according to the mother-in-law, Nasyrov behaved “ very uneasily, has measured by steps apartment, to someone incessantly called, all time approached to a window “. Nasyrov feels lonely at itself in the house: despite late hour, houses one mother-in-law who at it in the house already became for a long time the full mistress. Having left to itself in a room and having closed a door, the singer remembers the mother. It was going to construct for a long time to it the new house, but and has not had time to finish even an extension to it. It would like here, in Moscow, to see a number of expensive person: he cared so much years of different people, forgetting in vanity about those who is expensive on - to the present.
- he has called me about half eleventh, - tells Dzhurad, - and began to ask, a leah against I if on tomorrow`s action it brings from Alma - Aty mum. It seemed to me very strange. “ as you want, Murat, - I speak. - but a leah it is necessary to disturb the elderly woman from - for it? “ but he has told that very much wants, that mum was tomorrow here, has lived in Moscow. “ certainly, arrive as you want “ - I speak. He has thanked me and has calmed down.

nearby 23. 00

Was about eleven, and the wife of the house and has not appeared. Business approached an outcome. The singer leaves in the room where listens to the old songs. Walls of its room are pasted over by Bagi Sadvakasova photos, and he again mentally endures the dream in which the Bug called him and asked about the help. A sleeplessness, feeling sick, a birth of a new song, dream of wedding and... A scene in the car after which he already also did not speak about wedding; a Bug, looking at it directly from the walls, all it absolutely unsettles it.
this evening he called to the friends familiar - but here! - and has not dialled number of psychiatrist Ummurajzat Gadzhievoj, almost half a year back pulled out it from the hardest depression and literally rescued from suicide.
- I have departed to Kislovodsk, in sanatorium, can, therefore he was ashamed to call. If has called, I am almost assured that I would manage to dissuade it from this step.

nearby 23. 00 this step was all - taki is made.

why he has stepped downwards?

Literally next day has informed the fact, disappearing Nasyrov`s relatives. It has appeared, the singer suffered affliction the hardest depression which has finished it before mental frustration, lay in a hospital, accepted an energizer “ Remeron “ and already two times tried to commit suicide.
I tried to phone to Nasyrov`s psychiatrist week. She did not take the call. After in SMS I have written that I want to write the book about Nasyrov and the wolf laws of the Russian show - business, the doctor have surrendered.
- write that I never treated Nasyrov for a narcotism and alcoholism as have muddled newspapers. It is lie! When it has for the first time come to me, reception lasted four hours. Surprisingly intelligent, light and vulnerable person. I treated it for organic depression which has been provoked by that the talent of this person has appeared not claimed. Plus Nasyrov sharply endured that the wife does not want to become its lawful spouse. Yes, Nasyrov had the hardest lomki, but because, what the person was lifted and have thrown out, you understand me? It had a tremendous voice, he wrote songs, verses, but was necessary to nobody. Devil`s show - business has gobbled up the person. When it included the TV and saw there unvoiced singers who lip-synch only, he very much endured because that people much less talented, than it, are extolled by public, and it have forgotten, have written-off. (I remember that called Nasyrov really on shows through passage where he prepared eggplants or participated in idiotic “ Draw “ with rams: the sad, lost person.)
Gadzhiev`s Doctor it do not agree with my version that Nasyrov prepared for suicide:
- Is not present, it is assured that this decision was spontaneous. Understand, the person had depression, crisis which he took hard. And here it comes home - and unless we know, what has occurred at home? Perhaps there was any unpleasant conversation, you understand? The situation was imposed one on another, and the mentality has not sustained, the person has broken.


- But why it has appeared pushed out of show - business? With its talent, a voice, former popularity? - I ask Davletjarova, the person, till 2003 of the a producer singer and the past with it all way upward.
- Nasyrov of many irritated. It has appeared from anywhere, the boy, arrived to arrive in Gnesinku from Alma - Aty. Nobody pushed us, did not pay for us, - Armand Davletjarov speaks. - And here when to it the glory has come, many this beginning to irritate. Nasyrov - kog - yes did not lip-synch, took a microphone - and has gone. There were awkward situations: any executor presents the disk, actors leave it to congratulate. Murat takes a microphone and alive ka - ak will give. The poor presented reddened, because Nasyrov pushed its voice. Began to voice claims: here supposedly Nasyrov has come also all has spoilt.
Nasyrov`s tragedy was not only that as Davletjarov speaks, “ has arrived whence - that narrow-eyed and shows off “ though the heterogeneity, intelligence it really strikingly differed from many our stars.
- he wrote songs and wanted them to execute. The person grown on The Beatles and nurtured on samples of English music, the ingenious melodist simply was not entered in ours show - business, - Davletjarov continues. - Professional musicians - Kristja Orbakajte, Fresh, Valera Meladze, Dima Malikov, - they went bananas from its songs. Listen: “ Super! But - will not go “. I in the car only also listened to its disk, but understood what to untwist it to me it will not be possible “.
the Song which has made the singer by a star, also has ruined it. For many it has appeared the actor of one role. Its songs reluctantly took radio stations, TV channels have gradually appeared for it closed.
- not so long ago there was a situation: Muratu from the First channel call, invite to record. In the morning, having put on, it already costs in the doorway as the call is suddenly distributed: “ Excuse, shooting is cancelled “. He then learns that the management of the channel is simple its nominee has not confirmed. The upset calls: “ You represent, they have simply merged me! “ - Davletjarov continues.
- Why so occurred? The voice, talent …
- to Whom it is necessary, talent, a voice? Not rating - and get out. And the rating at us is who? Malinki - parties.
but now, after  destruction, Nasyrov at last - that became necessary. Its song “ Romeo and Juliette “ all radio stations, " want; demand and beg “ according to Davletjarova. But, as it became known, Nasyrov`s widow has decided not to start up a dogNu in an aether. She or will sell a song at the good price to somebody like Alsu, or … will sing her.
Taking an opportunity, I am converted to Natalia: please, allow to this song to sound. This song can become a hit, and to us at last has come to hear time the present Nasyrov`s voice.

Julia Juzik.