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Domogarov has presented Aleksandrovoj the house for $575 000

last year informed that actors Domogarov and Aleksandrova have reconciled, have begun to live together in the city apartment, and their feelings have inflamed with new force (see from December, 14th, 2006)

Again the world

However shortly before New year of the relation of hardly reunited pair again have become complicated. After in the press about the possible novel Aleksandrovoj with the young actor with whom Marina saw on a party, hearings have filtered into heart of Domogarova as speak, the jealousy has crept in.
by the way, in due time Marina gave occasions to stirrings to the favourite: as actor Lesha Panin told to us, she had simultaneously love affairs and with it, asking to tell nothing Domogarovu.
When once in relations with Alexander there was a pause, the actress as the press wrote, has filled with its new novel - with the Ukrainian TV reporter Konstantin Stogniem during game shootings the force Moment .
Also in a press attributed to it hobby for Frenchman Sirilem Lunkevichem on shootings of the project of the First channel the Big races - 2 . And before in its boyfriends actors Alexander Zbruev, Ilya Noskov, singer Presnyakov - younger were registered.
however, Marina as itself admits, has changed, has become staid since then, and like it it would want something constant and thorough with its most favourite man - Domogarovym.
However Alexander, having believed hearings about amorousness of the darling, began to react captiously to its coquettish sights towards men. Before New year he sorted out relations with favourite, probably, as always, too emotionally. Marina, on hearings, has not endured its unreasonable jealousy, has collected things and has left from apartment of the civil husband. New year they have met separately.
But at the moment as it became known, they again (already again!) Have reunited.
say, Aleksandrova has agreed to forgive favourite after its decision otpisat a country cottage on her name!

as bought the house

Marina Aleksandrova, early becoming a star, has achieved much. It already has apartments in Moscow and in Peter, but she dreamt of country apartments. And here more recently Marina has shared with girlfriends that will soon move for a city. Like the magnificent house in elite cottage settlement to it Alexander Domogarov would present. About unknown generosity of Domogarova legends in an actor`s party already go.
as it became known, last year in one realtor company the demand for real estate selection has come to Moscow suburbs. To look exposed on sale c and cottages in elite settlements there has arrived the well-known pair of Aleksandrova - Domogarov. At first Domogarov himself captiously chose the future house, but then has entrusted all efforts to the favourite lady. In the company thought that they should make out a cottage on actor`s pair in equal shares. However Domogarov, to universal surprise, has informed that buys the house for Marina, it becomes the mistress.
all details of purchase were discussed exclusively with Aleksandrovoj who passed under documents as the buyer. As speak in the company, in documents on real estate nobody has seen surnames of Domogarova. With Marina all negotiations were carried on.
the owner of a cottage should go abroad urgently and consequently has given an impressive discount for the house which as a result has managed to buyers together with a site in 20 hundred parts in 575 thousand dollars. In this settlement it is the unique house which is sold at such rather low price, after all only the earth hundred part here costs 22 thousand c.u. On hearings, money for a cottage was paid by Domogarov. Marina, having seen purchase and sale documents, shone with happiness.
Of an actor`s party are assured that Marina, having received as a gift of what for a long time dreamt, has agreed to forget former offences and has forgiven the beloved. In conversation with one friend Domogarov has mentioned that this house - a wedding gift to Marina. Now the enamoured prepare for house warming in a new cottage.
their friends are assured that on spring, probably, will take a walk on their wedding. However, this pair is so unpredictable that it is terrible to think: they live, as on a swing, from love to hatred - one wave.

it will be concrete

That in a private residence?

the two-storeyed brick private residence where actors are going to lodge, is in 40 kilometres from MKAD in Istrinsky area in cottage settlement in wood, behind a barrier armed security forces fast, everywhere video observation chambers.
the house of star pair is surrounded with birches (Aleksandrova has disposed not to cut down them), the site fences a two-metre fence with a barbed wire. Speak, Domogarov is protected more likely not from thieves, and from curious eyes. Occasionally coming on a summer residence, actors disappear at once in its territory, do not leave to walk, with anybody do not communicate and do not come at all into grocery little shops.
now they are keen on the life device. Aleksandrova looks for furniture. Tell, the fireplace is indoors laid out. At windows - two-chamber double-glazed windows. A heated floor. One of rooms will be given under home theatre with convenient sofas, armchairs, a bar counter.
the room in east style where it will be possible to smoke a hookah Is planned, to relax. Help actors to realise ideas professional designers. Domogarov prefers quiet colour scale, but a bathroom it decided to issue in colour avant-guard. In design of other rooms different styles will be used: classics, a modernist style, find fault - flew.

Anna Veligzhanina. On February, 15th 2007