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Where in Irkutsk to meet east New year

      has found out that will pass in our city in days of the Buryat culture

      On Sunday on February, 18th many inhabitants of Irkutsk will celebrate the main Buryat feast - Sagaalgan (a feast of White month), or east New year.

      in our city for this event are dated also Days of the Buryat culture. Within the limits of a feast which month - will last from February, 18th till March, 10th almost, will pass a number of the actions acquainting inhabitants of Irkutsk with ceremonials and traditions of east people.

      1. In modern art gallery the House of the artist (K.Marx`s street, 38) since February, 13th works an exhibition of the merited artist of Republic Buryatiya Ljubovi Bertakovoj under the name a life Wheel . On it the graphic works executed by coal and ink, national suits are presented.
      an input free.

      2. In department of history of regional museum of local lore (K.Marx`s street, 2) on February, 18th in 14. 00 will pass a concert with participation of the Buryat folklore ensemble Ajanga . The exhibition " will work Here; the Radical people of Siberia where guides will tell about features of commemorating of Sagaalgana and about economic way the Buryat.
      the ticket price: from 15 to 40 rbl.

      3. At a cinema the cinema House (streets Muhinoj, 2) will show the first film of the Buryat film festival From odes Buryat uligershinov . With congratulations eminent visitors from the Uhlan - Ude and Ust - Hordes will act. Will not manage and without cheerful songs and dances. The festival to last till February, 20th.

      4. Irkutsk universities prepare the concert program. The NEEDLE on February, 16th in 16. 00 will hold competition of compositions in the Chinese and Buryat languages and competition on preparation of oriental dishes. The quiz where students will answer questions from area of knowledge of the East becomes a zavershitelnym stage of competition. For participation in competitions it is necessary to submit in advance demands for faculty of east languages.
      students of the Buryat branch to the YOKE will hold on February, 16th an annual musical concert which will be supported by KVN commands. Action is planned to spend at faculty of philology and journalism to the YOKE.

      5. On March, 9th in a philharmonic society will pass competition the Flower of Baikal in 15. 00. To Make an application on participation it is possible in the Center of the Buryat ethnographic culture (Lermontov`s street, 279). The competition requirement - knowledge of traditions of commemorating of Sagaalgana and the Buryat ethnos. Everyone konkursantka necessarily should represent the high school or area (one person from each high school or area).

      6. On March, 10th in sports Palace Work gala - a concert. The beginning in 18. 00. The ticket price - 150 rbl.

      7. In a sports complex Work on February, 24th will pass competitions on the Buryat national struggle Dance of an eagle .

      FIGURE of DAY

      80 thousand persons of the Buryat nationality lives in territory of the Irkutsk region.

      the COMMENT of the EXPERT

      the Press - the secretary of the Center of the Buryat ethnographic culture of Elena DANILOV:

      - Sagaalgan is a traditional feast, it especially significant the Buryat. In Irkutsk for Days of the Buryat culture always gathers to many people. And this year quantity wishing to take part in commemorating will increase. In previous years we organised gala - a concert at musical theatre where the ticket price reached to 500 rbl., and this year and the hall is more, and tickets cost cheaper. We think that will come to many people.

      Yana postnikova has prepared.