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Gas deposit under Ust - Kutom named swindle?

yesterday the assistant to head Rosprirodnadzora Oleg Mitvol has declared that the large gas deposit opened recently under Ust - Kutom, can appear swindle. Mitvol considers that the information on stocks is strongly exaggerated. Also refers to documents which have got to its order. We will remind, wrote that new Angaro - the Lensky deposit belongs to the company Petromir among which founders eks - the world champion on chess Anatoly Karpov ( from February, 2nd. Anatoly Karpov became the gas magnate? ) . Settlement stocks have estimated in 1,22 trln gas cubic metre.
for acknowledgement of such stocks it is required to drill not less than 10 chinks. Oleg Mitvol asserts that have drilled only one. In its opinion, in a press have created a sensation that it is favourable to sell a deposit, which stocks below the declared.
in administration of the Irkutsk region the statement of Mitvolja has called bewilderment.
- I do not understand, why the deposit estimation is given by Rosprirodnadzor, - has told and. An island of the director of Department on preservation of the environment and nedropolzovaniju administrations of the Irkutsk region Olga Gajkova. - to Estimate stocks of open sites the Federal agency on nedropolzovaniju can only. At us in region this Territorial agency on nedropolzovaniju across the Irkutsk region.
we also were converted into this service behind the comment.
- There is a state commission on stocks, - the head of Territorial agency on nedropolzovaniju across the Irkutsk region Vladimir Nazarev has explained. - In its conclusion it is said that industrial stocks of gas (category 1) on Angaro - Lensk a deposit are equal 1,5 mlrd cubic metre. Preliminary estimated (category 2) stocks make 1,2 trln cubic metre.
many have hastened to christen a deposit huge, however to speak so while prematurely. After all category 2 designates that it is the only preliminary estimated stocks. That them to confirm, it is required to drill not a little, and 3 - 4 ten prospecting chinks.
- if to speak about, a leah it is possible to name stocks preliminary estimated or all - taki look-ahead (category, I cannot make comments on the decision of the state commission, - has told Vladimir Nazarev.


refers Anatoly Karpov to this business?

the Strong course in party Mitvol - Carps

the Known grand master arrival of the official yet does not make comments in any way. The company based by the chess player, is suspected of a large deceit

Zamglavy Rosprirodnadzora Oleg Mitvol has acted with the next loud statement. This time it has actually discredited sensation to which it has appeared is involved eks - the world champion on chess Anatoly Karpov.
business concerns certain before recent time of the unknown company Petromir . She unexpectedly declared that has found out huge stocks of gas (volume in 1,22 trillion cubic metre) on Angaro - Lensk a deposit in the Irkutsk region. Other sensation was that the company in 1999 was founded by grand master Anatoly Karpov.
more than two weeks news excited the oil and gas public. And here g - n Mitvol, referring to documents, has declared that it can be... The large-scale swindle turned for the purpose of favourable sale of the licence for a deposit.
- I have begun investigation and have come to a conclusion that the people declaring such stocks of gas, it is necessary either to recommend for a decoration, or to put in prison, - have declared g - n Mitvol, - but, most likely, business smells swindle. After all at carrying out of search works have drilled only one chink whereas the serious investigation assuming drilling of several tens of chinks is necessary for acknowledgement of forecasts.

- you suspect Karpova?

- I know only that Carps was the founder of this company. A leah refers it to this business now, it is necessary to find out. While I suspect of swindle of officials from Rosnedr who have changed company capitalisation to billions dollars then became employees of the company Petromir .

- And about what sums there is a speech?

- about 10 - 14 billion dollars. Represent, how it would be favourably possible to sell the licence? I think that bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor in all will understand.

Anatoly Karpova`s comment to receive yet it was not possible. It is where - that in remote places of Russia, and its phones are silent. However within the next few days Anatoly Evgenevich promised to visit edition and to answer questions of readers. We hope that a situation with the company Petromir it will be cleared up.

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