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13 - the summer inhabitant of Irkutsk has legal proceedings with parents

Yesterday judicial session on business of a family of Fedotovyh has taken place. We will remind: 13 - summer Vanja Fedotov, having learnt from the neigbour that he the adoptive child, has demanded to return it in children`s home. Parents tried to persuade some years the boy to remain in a family. But Vanja will run from the house, has thrown school and sports section. As a result there was a wild situation: parents have been urged to bring an action the claim to satisfy the request of the boy for adoption cancellation ( from February, 13th. parents have brought an action against the child ) .
Vanja could not be on court as it is on treatment in hospital. At the boy chronic disease has become aggravated. At court there were representatives from bodies of guardianship and guardianship which observe for a long time of this situation.
yesterday the court has not made any decision. During trial to parents have suggested once again all to consider, be converted to the help of psychologists and to try to convince the child to remain of a family. The situation has not left indifferent anybody. All who was in a court hall, well understood: if Vanja remains with adoptive parents, for its future it is possible not to worry. In a case if the boy will get to children`s home, nobody will give to such guarantee.
parents are exhausted by long-term negotiations with the adopted son. Nevertheless mum of the teenager Irina is ready to try once again.
- for me court - a heartrending experience, all night long did not sleep, only and thought, than all will end, - she has told - Very hard on a shower, the head goes around. We have thought that for Vani it is better, if it is not present on process - too a heartrending experience for the child. While it lies in hospital, we will try to contact the qualified psychologists. All - taki to us would be desirable to solve all amicably, without serious conflicts. We with the husband believe that the son will think again.
before following judicial session Irina and her husband Konstantin has time to think and make the decision. Irina says that now all depends on that, how much professionally and effectively psychologists will work with Vanej. She waits that the teenager nevertheless will understand the error and will not leave a family. They cannot get used to thought that will for ever leave the son.
by the end of February Vanju should discharge from hospital. will watch succession of events.

all names are changed.

dear readers! As it is possible to help this family how to convince the boy not to throw the adoptive parents? If you too had conflicts to children and you can give advice - call to us in edition on BODIES.: (3952 208 - 005, 208 - 008, will impart experience. Who knows, maybe, your advice will help - and Vanja will return to a family.

Lyudmila GORELOV