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Tomorrow in square of Kirov will bake a two-metre pie

      will Bake pancakes on the Shrove all. But here such entertainment, perhaps, anywhere any more you will not see. Irkutsk cooks have decided to surprise inhabitants and to bake a two-metre pie. Tomorrow it will bring on the area of Kirov, will cut and will free of charge distribute to those who will take part in various competitions. It is a lot of them: a capture of a snow strong hold, fight by bags, walking on stilts.
      - a pie we cook the celebratory. We will decorate with its beautiful branches and plaits from the test, - the cook, managing manufacture of a dining room Oksana ARSENTEVA tells. - Inside there will be the most tasty stuffing! On 2 metres of a pie some kgs of apples is required.
      two cooks will bake a culinary masterpiece. They do not apply for record in the Guinness Book of Records because with such pie treat inhabitants the third year successively.
      - We will get mixed up only dough 4 hours, - the cook continues. - then we will bake. And on the area we will carry it by the car, on specially made of DVP to the one-and-a-half-metre table-top covered with an oilcloth.

      TTH a pie:

      We have counted up and have found out to bake such pie, it is necessary to take:
      12 kg of a flour;
      2,2 kg to sugar;
      15 eggs;
      0,5 kg of yeast;
      5 l of milk;
      1,3 kg of margarine;
      8 kg of apples.
      from these products the pie in weight about 20 kg will turn out, in the length 2 m and 30 see width


      Where we will walk the Shrove tomorrow

      Square of Kirov - the dramatized feast As for Buttered weeks from the furnace pancakes flied . The beginning in 13. 00. Buses, fixed-route taxis to ost. Square of Kirov .
      the Microdistrict Green - on the area at Recreation centre of the Russian Army will open national guljanie Farewell, the Shrove! . The beginning in 15. 00. The bus and a fixed-route taxi 32.
      In Leninsk area guljanija in 13. 00 will be developed at stadium the Locomotive (It is new - Lenino) - the Innokentevsky Shrove on the area near KKDTS Russia . Buses 13, 14, 30, 37, 42, 54, 60, 65; and in Komsomol park (Irkutsk - 2). Buses 28, 43, 57.
      In parkway Postysheva a feast will start to mark as in 13. 00.
      On Zhukov`s prospectus in 15. 00. Fixed-route taxis 16, 17, 24, 45.
      In University the Shrove will walk with 14. 00. Buses and fixed-route taxis 4, 49, 61, 64.
      In Ruffs in the street Jakobi the beginning in 14. 00. Buses and minibuses to ost. Muhinoj trolley buses 1, 7, 8.
      On the ice breaker Angara the beginning in 14. 00. A trolley bus 5, minibuses 16, 17.
      In a museum Taltsy the Shrove will begin in 13. 00. From road service station on a minibus to Listvjanki.


      learn itself on a photo and win a prize

      If you come on guljanija and will get to an objective of our press photographers - search for the photos in number on Tuesday, on February, 20th. Learn on shots of - call in edition on BODIES.: (3952 208 - 005, 208 - 008. First five will receive prizes - tickets at cinema.

      Yana postnikova