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At Legal institute will not punish enamoured shirkers

the Valentine day students of our university last week have noted. Today we will tell, how children and teachers walked on February, 14th.

a place for declarations of love

the Shop for loving couples have established at Legal institute to the YOKE for a romantic sit-round gathering. Spend time thus any interested person and when necessary, even can during employment. Enamoured shirkers will not punish. Such order was signed by the director of Legal institute Oleg Lichichan.
- the Order concerns only the enamoured. Anybody, except them, has no right to sit on a bench. And dean`s office of any measures to enamoured if they pass steams, sitting on this shop, will not apply, - Olga BUZKO has solemnly read the order the deputy director of institute.
the Bench did under the special order in one Irkutsk smithy.
- the back at it is decorated by hearts. And the seat special - bent to the centre that enamoured sat to each other more close, - is told by the senior teacher of stand of a constitutional law of Legal institute Ekaterina KARAVAEVA.
All at Legal institute 19 loving couples are officially registered is on 4 steams more than last year.
- for our loving couples has passed esemes - competition, - Ekaterina tells. - enamoured for the speed sent to the significant others of the message who has fast sent - that and has won.
also at an input to all students glued hearts with number, and any interested person could send to this number through mail which has been established at institute, valentinku.
Commemorating of Day of sacred Valentine has come to the end traditionally. Loving couples have let out in the sky of pigeons.

instead of wedding - a term paper

At Institute of social sciences in Day of sacred Valentine students connected broken hearts. At an input each student extended a half of the split heart. Then searched for its second part in hands of the student of an opposite sex.
- I have specially extended half of heart of yellow colour, to me have told that yellow colour brings on February, 14th good luck. Then has casually approached to Ruslanu, and it too had a half of yellow colour. We have connected them, and the whole heart has turned out, - the student of Institute of social sciences Elena of Shevchenko tells. - I know Ruslana for a long time already, to institute with it have got acquainted. Probably, it is destiny.
other pair which has combined heart from the halves, already has serious plans for the future.
- we are pleasant for a long time each other, - the student of Institute of social sciences Andrey HAZEEV tells. - Further at us with Dashej grandiose plans - a joint writing of a term paper.
organizers of such amusing game of a steel of the student Katya Lyalin, Dasha Vdovenko, Ksjusha Hamova, Lena Shevchenko.
- the Idea to make game has come to us for a long time. In vacation we with little girls have carefully developed it and here, on February, 14th, have realised, - the student of Institute of social sciences of Ekaterina LYALIN tells. - after all life at our institute should be interesting.

small fishes as the sympathy sign

Exists many legends about why on February, 14th celebrate Day sacred Valentine. Consider that more plausibly that has arisen in Ancient Rome, but the philology and journalism faculty has decided to note the Valentine day under the scenario of the Parisian legend.
- According to a legend in Paris there were small fishes who were caught on a hook only to sincerely loving people, - the student of faculty of philology and journalism Elena SURGAN tells. - Now we glue these small fishes on a back that who to us is nice. At me on a back already 5 small fishes.
as it is perfect, when near to you favourite or favourite! Also that can be more wonderful than that you together. Protect the feelings and do not forget to please favourite not only on February, 14th, but also within all year.

Svetlana it is blue