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Travel agencies deceive inhabitants of Irkutsk

        the New problem has appeared at employees of migratory service. Now except delivery of passports they should also beat off from the angered tourists.
        people demand immediately to give out the passport because in travel company it have promised to make all documents for 1 - 3 weeks.
        naturally, for service ask considerable money. Depending on the promised terms take from 5 to 10 thousand roubles. However, when the deceived tourists come to migratory service, to them let go whistle.
        - people simply deceive, - the deputy chief of department of registration of international passports of Management of federal migratory service (UFMS) tells Russia across the Irkutsk region Tatyana MIRONOV. - from them take the big money for nonexistent service.
        Actually everything that can make in travel agency, it for you to make and give documents. Further, if them even accept in processing, all becomes in accordance with general practice. After necessary checks you receive the passport not earlier than in a month. If documents are filled incorrectly as it happens often, process will be tightened.
        advice in such situation give one: to buy a vacation package only when the international passport on hands. And to receive it it is necessary through migratory service and in any way differently. Otherwise can both to lose money, and the passport not to receive.
        - we work every day, except Thursday and Sunday, - Tatyana Mironov speaks. - so if you do not have time in everyday life, can come on Saturday. To trust such business to someone and the more so to pay for it money in nowise it is impossible.