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One bathing suit - 5000 pajetok and half-month of work

the Woman wants to remain womanly always. Irrespective of, where it - on a party or on a sports scaffold. How the sports fashion develops, we have decided to communicate to the fashion designer known in Irkutsk sports circles Tatyana Voitovich.

the fashion designer became necessarily

In Irkutsk not so many experts who are legislators of a sports fashion. Long searches have resulted in apartment of one of milliners - Tatyanas. At acquaintance it was found out that she is a sister of absolute world champion Oksana Kostinoj. In its bathing suits all sports stars of a city on aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics put on.
Tatyana was engaged in sewing after the younger daughter has registered in rhythmic gymnastics. It was found out that in Irkutsk it is almost impossible to get suits. And as Tatyana since the childhood not bad drew, at it the idea was born to try most to sew a suit to the child. Then she has developed for the first time the sketch of a bathing suit and village for the sewing machine.
since then at Tatyana has appeared not only a wide experience of work and the special machine with a knitted seam, but also a heap of clients. So now she is engaged in it quite professionally. During the period when sportsmen prepare for competitions on rhythmic gymnastics or aerobics, it should sew not one ten bathing suits.

evolution of a sports fashion

the Sports fashion too develops. In 60 - 70 - e years the sports body stockings represented completely closed top and shorts to knees. To 80 - m shorts have spread upwards and have reached level of shorts. At the time of Oksana Kostinoj, and it already 90 - e, bathing suits were the most simple, a maximum two-coloured: any spangles, pajetok and drawings. In new millenary the fashion on bathing suits changes even faster. They became more open, colour and decorated.
with ward of the world champion on Alina Kabaevoj`s rhythmic gymnastics there was a fashion and on short skirts. To the talented gymnast at whom not so harmonous figure, was necessary to hide the lacks, here she and has thought up mini - a skirt. Has passed some years, and already almost all sportswomen use this element in the suit.
at suit sewing have started to use various setochki - when want to make impression that a gymnastic bathing suit with a deep decollete or to underline separate fragments of drawing on a suit. For an ornament last years began to use not only pajetki, but also pastes, pebbles and even special paints. So now the bathing suit represents the present work of art. Tatyana takes a brush and realises on a fabric the imaginations. Especially beautiful the suit turns out, if it decorate, for example, holographic pajetki, creating volume drawing. The fabric is now used more quality.

unloved bathing suits are not present

Process of creation of a bathing suit at Tatyana begins with the sketch. She draws their great variety, at it is both old collections, and new. When the gymnast prepares for competitions, it comes to Tatyana and the choice begins. What will be the scenic dress? It depends both on music, and from apparatuses. Colour of a ball or a mace will dictate also colour of a bathing suit. Other details steal up depending on an image which should be embodied to the sportswoman.
bathing suits can be classical and vanguard. Classical are as a vesper dress: anything superfluous. More often they happen monophonic. Vanguard consist of set of details of a bright colouring, with a large quantity of ornaments.
Tatyana says that unloved bathing suits at it are not present. Yes on - to another also cannot be. After all to embroider the most simple bathing suit for rhythmic gymnastics, it is necessary for it of 5 thousand pajetok, pair of coils of threads and half-month of work. On more difficult models leaves more than 10 thousand spangles and much more time.
as to gymnasts to Tatjanino creativity too is pleasant to them. They even have a sign: if you will sew a new bathing suit to any competition you will necessarily occupy prize-winning places.

it is made in Siberia

In due time when Olga Bujanova trained the Italian sportswomen, Tatyana sewed bathing suits and for them. By fax from Italy the sizes of girls and a wish what should be a suit came. The fabric was bought in Irkutsk or in Moscow, and work began. Tatyana can without primerki sew such bathing suit which will be just on the size. She already knows: for this purpose that he ideally sat on a figure, it is necessary to sew it on centimetre - ones and a half less. Therefore bathing suits always go right to it.
Once to Tatyana has come to sew the order the dress for the Moscow gymnast who is engaged at School of the Olympic reserve. Besides that the dress has turned out very interesting, parents of the girl have been pleasantly surprised by the price. It is said that in Moscow such suit it would manage time in two more expensively. Tatyana takes no more one and a half thousand roubles. The price first of all depends on a material from which the thing, and a delicacy by which it is decorated is sewed.

the result of work is visible at competitions

At first the skilled worker worried about how bathing suits will lead at competitions. It is important, that seams did not pull, and pajetki did not come off during performance, and a fabric did not pull together. Therefore Tatyana was and remains the constant spectator of all competitions. More often - the bathing suits admires.
despite constant istykannye a needle fingers and the sleepless nights spent for rasshivkoj, long time without work Tatyana cannot. And in the summer when the season of competitions comes to an end, it starts to create the most favourite things. That become as a hobby, and then wait for the hour.