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From Irkutsk to Angarsk will start up high-speed trams

in March the government of Russia will hear the report of the governor of the Irkutsk region on development of our region. One of its basic points will be devoted creation in Siberia cities - millionnika. We will remind, after association agglomeration Irkutsk - Angarsk - Shelekhov should become a megacity which population will pass for one million. understood that will be three cities merged in a single whole.


the City of petrochemists applies for a rank of industrial centre of the future megacity. Near Angarsk there will be a new airport, and near to it will build up the logistical centre. After to Angarsk area will appropriate the status of a special economic zone of industrial type, large investments here should go. In particular, it is said that nearby to a city of petrochemists there will be a huge automobile factory.


On the one hand, the city of metallurgists after association applies for a rank of the industrial. As in any way, the most part of townspeople works at aluminium factory. However Shelekhov`s administration plans to develop and tourism sphere. In particular, the mounting skiing resort " should be transfigured; Olha . And at coast Irkuta there will be tourist bases.
also Shelekhov wants to earn on natural mammons. For example, in area it is a lot of granite and peat. Probably, shortly here there will be a factory on granite processing.
besides all it in a city plan to develop scale building. Promise that there will be a third microdistrict. And it means that Shelekhov applies also for a dormitory area rank.


Irkutsk in the agglomeration project becomes cultural, scientific, student`s, tourist and business centre. The city will grow and be updated every year. In particular, any more in the centre it will not be fast shabby pieces of wood. Their place will be occupied with the skyscrapers made of glass and concrete.
the authorities hope that in some years the stream of tourists will increase by Baikal in times. That after association there will be a loop road round Irkutsk Would be desirable to believe. Then the huge stream tranzitnikov will not call in any more in a city.


Is the most important point in the course of association. If there will be no good message between cities it is possible to forget about merge. It is planned that Irkutsk, Angarsk and Shelekhov will connect high-speed electric trains and trams. To reach the same Angarsk, 2 hours, and 30 minutes is required not.
and also high-speed highways between cities will be constructed. However, not the fact that on them we will go free of charge. Quite probably that the private companies will be engaged in building and it is necessary to pay for journey.

the Garbage

As well as at all big cities, at a megacity will appear a problem with garbage. Country ranges will not cope with such stream of a waste. As promise the authorities, it is fast near Irkutsk will construct musoropererabatyvajushchy factory.


the Idea of merge of cities has appeared not for no reason. Still in 60 - h years when were under construction Angarsk and Shelekhov, it was supposed that in the future they will merge in a uniform city.
the project already named the Big Irkutsk - similarly to the Big Vladivostok and to the Big Krasnoyarsk . There is a conversation on association of Norilsk with two next cities and Saratov with Engels. And here foreign examples of agglomerations:

1. Japan: Tokyo and Iokogama. Distance between them of 30 km, the general underground;

2. Poland: tripolis Gdansk - Gdynia - Sopot;

3. Hungary: Budapest (Buda and Pesht have united);

4. Lithuania: Vilnius - Kaunas (project);

5. Denmark: dipolis Copenhagen - Malme (project).


the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region Alexey KOZMIN:

- Agglomeration Irkutsk - Angarsk - Shelekhov - a reality from which it is necessary to be considered. Cities are located nearby and closely connected among themselves - economic, social, a cultural contact.
strategy of development of cities provide a number of similar projects - factory building on processing of the garbage, a new water fence and treatment facilities, the decision of transport problems. Inhabitants and heads of all three municipalities are interested in realisation of the project of a special economic zone, building of the new airport and the logistical centre. Realisation of joint projects will be favourable to budgets of all municipalities.

it is told!

the governor of the Irkutsk region Alexander Tishanin:

Creation of agglomerations in territory of Siberia and the Far East will contribute in effective integration of these territories both into economy of Russia, and into the universal markets and will allow to create a support for the further strengthening of a position of Russia in Asian - Pacific region.